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Lon Taylor has just returned from a four-week mining shift and is dirty and exhausted.  However, he can’t resist the adorable twink in the caravan park bathroom who is making it clear he is interested.  The two have a hot hookup in the bathroom, but Lon is surprised when the younger man seems to need something else from him as well.

Casey still has anxiety and stress from the sexual abuse he suffered as a child.  He has been through therapy and made lots of improvements, but he is still somewhat at loose ends.  When he meets the big, strong Lon, Casey immediately feels safe in his arms and wants to spend more time with him.  Lon is surprised, but can tell that Casey needs him and takes him back to his caravan to spend the night.

Casey finds himself drawn to Lon, especially when he is spooked or anxious, and the men end up getting to know each other better.  Casey has been living in his grandmother’s cabin on the campgrounds, just trying to pull his life together.  Lon ends up giving him the comfort and support he needs to get a job, get back into therapy, and start seeing a future for himself.  As Lon learns more about the demon’s in Casey’s past, he is both horrified and impressed at how well Casey is doing, despite his need for the security of Lon’s arms.

As the men spend more time together, it is clear that something is forming between them that is more than just sex.  However, even though Casey has shared the pain of his past, Lon has his own memories that still haunt him. He has been all alone for eight years and is still not over the guilt or sadness from an event that changed his life.  Now that he is falling for Casey and Casey has opened his heart to Lon, Lon must have the strength to share his own feelings as well.  Together both men have found love and happiness and healing in each other’s arms.

You guys, seriously I am just crazy for Renae Kaye’s writing and I feel like she has been a huge breakout author this year.  Safe in His Arms is another wonderful story that is so romantic and sexy and I totally loved it.

When we meet Casey and Lon, both men are still recovering from traumatic pasts.  Both have made some progress, but neither has fully moved on from the events that shaped them years ago. Casey still has anxiety and stress and is trying to get himself together and move forward.  He has been in kind of limbo for a while, but with the support of Lon, he begins to feel strong and safe and protected. It is enough to help him finally move forward in his life and put things behind him.  Lon has also been in a kind of limbo since tragedy struck years before.  He is mostly alone, working 4-week long, 12-hour shifts in the mines, then returning home for short periods to his camper.  Outwardly Lon seems to have his life together, but he is still isolating himself and feeling guilty for how things transpired in the past.

When the story starts, we are very focused on Casey and his issues as they are the most obvious. We learn about he horrors of his past and how he is trying to move forward, and how being with Lon really helps him feel safe and strong.  What I particularly liked here is the way Lon’s issues are slowly unveiled along the way. Casey’s problems are kind of out there in the open, but slowly we begin to learn about Lon’s past as the story continues. It is really well done and makes a nice transition as the men work through their issues together and become a stronger couple with that connection.

I will make a note that Casey’s past is pretty horrible and definitely difficult to read.  We learn details about the sexual abuse he experienced as a child and I found I couldn’t think about it too directly or it would be too much to handle. The emotion behind it is largely in the past for him, which makes the story much easier to read.  But if this is a trigger issue for you, I would proceed with caution.

What I really loved about this book is the way Kaye manages to weave together two men recovering from painful pasts with the sweet growth of their relationship in the present.  Although their stories are intense, this isn’t a dark book.  The guys are sweet and romantic and watching them fall for one another is lovely.  Not to mention that they are smoldering hot and incredibly sexy together.  The story has a bit of fun and playfulness to round out the more serious side, so I never felt overwhelmed reading it. Instead I found it uplifting as Casey and Lon are so likable and we really see them find the happiness they have both been seeking with one another.

As I said, I think Renae Kaye has been a breakout author this year and Safe in His Arms is a perfect example of why.  We have a sexy, romantic, sweet story with just the right amount of seriousness and intensity.  She sets it wonderfully in Western Australia and makes it all come to live.  And the story is engaging and really entertaining.  So another hit and one that I definitely recommend.

P.S. Can we just take a moment to admire this cover? Not only is it gorgeous and super sexy, but it also perfectly depicts Lon. Great job!

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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