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Ok, I admit it I had to stop reading this story. I had to because you see I predominantly read at night by the glow of a single small lamp. I was doing great till Aaron got the first call…in that creepy house where he was babysitting…with that faintly disturbing kid…yeah, that was when I turned the kindle off and thought it might be best to read the rest of Suburban Legend by B.J. Sheppard in the light of day.

It is a classic set up, babysitter alone in seemingly creepy house. Noises and generally a strange, yet nice, child are all part of the home of the local sheriff. The whole feel of the night is slightly off, slightly heavy with the anticipation that something is about to happen and that it’s not going to be something good. Aaron, a high school boy, is tapped to babysit the local lawmen’s son on Halloween’s eve—a night when the adults in the town attend parties, dress up in costume, and have a great time while their teens watch over siblings and the like. It should have been a cakewalk. Watch the kid, get home late in the evening, and make some good money. For our hero, this should have been easy. Should have….

However, there has been a string of disappearances of high school boys and the nice small town Aaron lives in is no longer safe. After a brief phone call from his boyfriend, Tommy, Aaron tries his best to ignore the uneasy feeling the house gives him. And of course, like any really good horror film, when Sheppard begins to describe Aaron taking a self guided tour of the house, I felt myself muttering, “Don’t go in there, go back to the living room, call your parents, get out of that house!” It was about this time that the phone calls began. Needless to say, the story that reeled out from that point was in a word, terrifying.

Suburban Legend was a mind game that deliberately dared you to blink, knowing that once you did, you were in for a world of scare. Slowly but surely you wanted to reach into the novel and save the sweet yet naïve Aaron and somehow stop the inevitable from happening. With enough twists and turns to make the most stoic among us jump, this novel was just really good at producing one hair-raising moment after another. In other words, it scared the hell out of me. And the ending? Oh B.J. Sheppard, you are a mean author—a very mean author to spring that on us.

If you want to read a fast-paced, edge of the seat thriller then Suburban Legend by B.J. Sheppard is the novel for you. I loved it…and hated it…cause it scared me soooo good!

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