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Texas Fall is the sixth installment in the Texas series by R.J. Scott and follows the continuing story of Jack and Riley Campbell-Hayes.  The Texas books are not stand alones and must be read in order to get the full effect.  Just sayin’…

Jack and Riley’s lives seem perfect. Lexie and Connor are happy and healthy, Max has adapted to his new home, Hayley is thriving, and everything seems to have come together.  Add to all of that, that CH consulting is doing exceedingly well and Riley needs help in order to maintain a healthy work/life balance.  However, the man he hires, Tom, turns out to be a former one-night stand of Jack’s.

New addition to the D, Liam, who was sexually assaulted and escaped from the ranch where it happened, is slated to testify against his former boss, Hank Castille, who raped Liam those many months before.  Information from a private investigator arises before the trial that could destroy Liam and the other boys’ chances at at seeing Hank go to jail for his crimes.

Jack and Riley’s paths fail to cross as Jack returns from Liam’ court appearance and Riley travels to Mexico with Tom for business.  Somehow, a local cartel finds out about the rich American and Riley and Tom are kidnapped and held for ransom.  Jack is paralized with fear for Riley, and although the drama is short lived, Riley is deeply affected.  A new fear of something terrible happening to his family changes the Riley that Jack and the family have come to know and love into someone new, different, and distant.

With a goal of starting a therapy riding school, as well as taking care of the twins and adoptive son Max, along with Riley’s sister and fiancé’s seemingly rocky engagement on his plate, can Jack be everything for everyone and get his Riley back before it’s too late?

Pardon my language, but this sh…, sorry, “stuff” could only happen to Jack, Riley, and their gang, and I say “keep it coming!”  With the money and power held by Riley and Jack, trouble of epic proportions is bound to arise.  What I have always noted since the beginning of the series is that money may have been a corruptor for Riley at first, but with the Campbell influence, Riley finds what he needs to become the man we have all grown to love.

This story also bring new and exciting dimensions to the D, now that Lexie and Connor are home and healthy, and with the introduction of Max, Riley and Jack’s newly adoptive son who happens to have traits of a child on the autistic spectrum.  These additions and more feed our need to see the Campbell-Hayes clan grow, learn, and love.

Being the sixth book in the series, Scott has maintained a solid setting for the Texas stories, especially the Double D from beginning to present day.  That, and our knowledge of the secondary characters and the locales where the story takes place, is so deeply ingrained in us, the readers, that every time we open a book, it is like coming home.

As I alluded to above, there is so much that happens in Texas Fall, with ups and downs throughout the story that kept me glued to my iPad from beginning to end.  Although Riley’s kidnapping is traumatic for all, the trial was stressful for Liam, and the new therapy riding program is keeping Jack on his toes, these things end up being just bumps, albeit some pretty big bumps, in the road for the family. I am hopeful that with all of the new, fresh additions, we will see more of the gang at the Double D.  A must read series, for sure.

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