The Wish AugurRating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Short Story

Gabriel Juarez has a crappy life.  Completely alone and stuck in a dead end job where he’s not only not appreciated, but also treated very poorly, Gabe is miserable.  On Christmas Eve, lying in bed and in tears, he makes a futile wish for a hug for Christmas…and wakes up being hugged by an elf.

Felix is adorable and earnest, and Gabe finds himself believing every word out of the elf’s mouth.  Felix is a wish augur.  He heard Gabe’s plea, and because Gabe sounded so sad, Felix came to grant his wish.  Felix gets to stay until twelfth night, and the two men make the most of their time together.  As the days progress, Gabe realizes he’s falling in love with Felix, but he’s sure that Felix can’t feel the same.  When Gabe learns that Felix does return his feelings, it looks like every last wish Gabe has might just be coming true.

This was a really sweet story, from beginning to end, and I liked it a lot.  Gabe’s heartbreaking misery just pours off the page in the beginning, and instantly, I wanted nothing more than for him to have a happily ever after.  With Felix there making his life enjoyable, Gabe is happy for the first time in a very long time.  I loved watching the two of them interact.

There was a surprising amount of world building in this short story, and I appreciated that the author took the time to explain the unexplainable.  Some parts you just have to leap in and accept, but it absolutely worked within the confines of the plot.  It was a quick, fun read, with great emotion and sweet characters. If you like stories that exemplify holiday magic, then you should definitely add this story to your list

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