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This is one of those times when I so wish my review could really do justice to the novel I am about to discuss. Third Eye by Rick R. Reed is one of the new DSP Publications offerings. This offshoot of the larger Dreamspinner Press caters more to the horror, mystery, sci-fi, and fantasy genres rather than the broader m/m romance genre. While Reed’s story does have an m/m element to it, the focus of the story is more on the horror and mystery rather than the love angle. However, there is palpable love in this story and, in this instance, it lies between a father and his young son and the horrors they will endure together and apart.

Cayce D’Amico is a young, single Dad trying to do the best for his seven-year-old son, Luke, while struggling to make ends meet in the small town where he grew up. His mother has very little that is good to say about him and his father, while loving, rarely leaves his “game show reality” to be bothered with the life going on around him. So when a sudden violent storm hits, Cayce is left to his own to chase down his little boy who has wandered off while Cayce is cooking dinner. Filled with worry and a keen sense of dread, Cayce is caught in the storm and nearly hit by lightening, which severs a large limb from a tree that crashes directly into Cayce, causing a head injury that lands him in the hospital.

Thus begins an intense nightmare that never really lets up, for you see, after the accident Cayce is changed. He sees and hears things—things no rational human being should see—things no sane person should know. Recently, his small town has become home to a pair of monstrous killers and they are taking young girls and Cayce suddenly knows where they have buried the bodies. He re-lives their last horrific moments on this earth and feels the terror of seeing them defiled and buried like nothing more than trash to be thrown away. And when the killers find out that Cayce is on to them…no one and nothing is safe anymore.

Third Eye was a psychological thriller from beginning to end. Alternating between the terror and horror that keeps Cayce in its grip and the cold blooded thoughts and actions of the killers made this novel supercharged with emotion right to the very end. The slow erosion of Cayce as he grappled to turn off the murderous images in his mind juxtaposed with the constant confusion and need for approval and love that flitted through Myra’s head was staggering. Myra was a desperate overweight teen that was drawn into the web of a psychotic killer’s lust for blood. The killer transforms her, abuses her, professes to love her, and she clings to him and aids him in his murdering spree—until he chooses a victim that she cannot abide seeing destroyed. Then Myra begins to unravel and plots her escape.

At many points in this novel I was breathless with worry and found myself racing through this book. To say this story was suspenseful is to say way too little about a taut and imaginative plot line that careened off the page and left the reader spinning. How could one more thing possibly go wrong? How could Cayce manage to keep a grip on his sanity? Fast and furious, author Rick R. Reed unravels a macabre tale of murder and horror that will hold you in its grip till the last page is turned. Third Eye is an outstanding murder mystery told by an outstanding writer. Third Eye draws you in, creating a tangible relationship between the reader and the characters that people this amazing novel and, in doing so, places you right in the heart of the action. I cannot say enough about this incredible story. If you enjoy Rick Reed’s romances, then step up and be stunned by his fantastic mystery writing.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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