Two Steps BackRating: 4.75 stars
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Length: Novel

Dallin has already lost his home and is on the verge of losing his business.  With no choice, and in desperate need of money, he goes back to Ben, the man who was his pimp when Dallin was a prostitute.  Dallin thought he left that life behind when he was finally able to start his own business and he doesn’t really want to go back.  Ben doesn’t give Dallin a hard time about the way he left, and agrees to try and find Dallin a long term client.  The next day, Ben shows up with William.

William has particular wants and needs.  He likes having complete control.  The contract William offers is complete and in depth. Dallin has second thoughts, but since nothing William wants crosses his hard limits, he agrees to a week trial.  He goes to William’s home every night where, while naked, he prepares William’s dinner, listens to his work problems, and they then engage in some hardcore sex before they fall asleep in the same bed.  Dallin finds he likes William, and likes the head space he drops into with him.  Though that is a little scary for Dallin, because he’s never felt that way before, he’s pleased when William wants to extend the contract for a year.

It’s then that Dallin’s life starts to unravel.  One of his brothers gets in contact with him, and Zach wants to stay with Dallin and get out of the stifling Mormon household that drove Dallin away.  Dallin agrees only because he doesn’t want his seventeen-year-old brother out on his own.  It’s not smooth sailing, and when Zach throws a party that attracts the attention of the police, Dallin has to leave William’s home to deal with it.

When William violates the terms of their contract by butting into Dallin’s life behind his back, Dallin’s trust in the man is completely broken.  To make matters worse, Dallin’s parents show up to collect Zach and spew hateful speech.  Dallin’s anger and hurt is immense, and he quits his job with William.  But the plain truth is that neither William nor Dallin want their relationship to be over.  But can Dallin come to trust William again?  And can William show that he really wants the relationship to work?

Oh, yes, you guys.  This book was so very good.  I loved everything about it, from beginning to end, and I didn’t put it down once I got started.  This worked for me on just about every level.  Stellar writing, great premise, wonderful characters, and a fantastic plot that tied it all together.

The story is told from Dallin’s POV, and it’s him that we get to know the best.  I loved this approach as he was the one that was desperate and in need.  And still, we got to see his motivation and the moral standards that he has that he won’t waver on.  I loved this guy.  He wasn’t perfect by any means.  He knew his own faults, but he was proud and determined to make it on his own and to take care of his own problems.  I loved that he would take assistance from Ben, but only on his own terms.  This guy is the kind of man who pulled himself up, but didn’t forget who had helped him in his darkest times.

We see William colored by Dallin’s perspective, but since Dallin is one of the few people in the world that really understand William, we get to know him pretty well as well.  I adored William for a lot of reason.  He has OCD and had an immense need to be in control.  He’s socially awkward, and doesn’t really understand people.  He’s logical to a fault.  And it’s his trouble articulating his feelings that leads to some of the issues between the two men.  But he was also willing to do whatever it takes to make amends and to set things right.  He knew what a terrible mistake he had made, and he wanted to do what it took to fix it.  Together, these two men made complete sense, it was easy to see why they worked, and their chemistry left off the page.

One of the things I particularly loved was the way the entire story developed organically.  There was nothing extraneous here.  Basically, we only really have four characters.  And there didn’t need to be any more.  Each scene advanced the plot.  The sex was off the charts hot, and I loved the way the author portrayed the dominance play.  And there was exactly enough of it in this story.  We saw the characters grow and change with each sex scene, but there was no gratuitous sex.  It was all added to the characters and the plot.  The whole thing was incredibly well done.

Yeah, guys, I really enjoyed this book.  It absolutely worked for me and I can recommend it to you whole heartedly.

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