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Length: Novella

After his best friend finds the love of his life with the prince of Frost, Vixen’s wild ways become a little wilder. When Rudy suggests Vixen take a break from the Toy Soldiers and try to reestablish what he once stared with Vale Frost, Jack Frost’s cousin, Vixen rejects the idea at first. Vale is so… nice. Then Vixen realizes Vale is the kind of elf who should be courting him, the kind of elf Vixen deserves and obviously the next best thing to a prince, he bats his eyes and gives Vale a come hither look. Vale is as good as his.

Vale Frost has heard the rumors, but he doesn’t believe Vixen is a floosy, and he intends to show Vixen he’s more than what other elves think of him. On their first date, a sleigh ride into the Enchanted Woods, Vale shows Vixen what it means to be desired and Vixen is stunned. Everything he thought about being wanted was wrong, and he finds himself falling for Vale.

When Vale invites Vixen to his uncle’s birthday party at the palace, Vixen is excited. After Vixen wanders off and discovers a secret room, Vale opens up about a long kept secret involving the Frost family’s magic. But when disaster strikes, all fingers point at Vixen and he will stop at nothing, laying down all selfishness, to make it right, even if it means he’ll lose the only elf he’s ever loved.

Vixen’s Valor is the third book in Charlie Cochet’s North Pole City Tale series. I look forward to this series every single year. I absolutely love it. First of all, the play on the North Pole as a kingdom, the reindeer as Rein Dear trick pilots, Mayor Kringle, and the Toy Soldier militia is beyond fantastic. And that’s just the beginning. I am in awe of Cochet’s imagination every time I open this series. It’s fantasy and Christmas and romance and adventure all wrapped into one. And don’t get me started on the drinks and sweets and how they affect the elves. Genius, I tell you.

This story in particular is probably my favorite of the series so far, and I loved The Heart of Frost. But Vixen is a story in himself. Bratty, selfish, and arrogant on the outside, Vixen uses all his slutty prowess to cover the fact that he just wants to be loved. He has a heart of gold that is obvious to an outsider like me and Vale, but to those around him—the Rein Dears—he’s selfish and lazy. I love the contrast of what Vixen wants the elves to see him as compared to who he really is. And Vale—valor is too mild a word. The elf loved Vixen before Vixen had the chance to truly show him he was worthy of it. Vale believes in Vixen when no one else does. He’s such a beautiful man. But he’s not perfect, and that’s what makes him so perfect. When the world crashes down around him, Vale doesn’t exactly make the right decision—following his head instead of his heart—but man, does he learn his lesson.

And this story. It’s super sweet and so much fun. From beginning to end—the romance, the interference from the antagonist, the uphill battle with Vale’s family (minus his father, who is kick ass), the date, and all the drama that comes after—this novella is charming and fun and captivating. I enjoyed everything about it.

My only complaint is that I’m going to have to wait another year before another North Pole City Tales story comes out. I love them so much, and Vixen’s Valor most of all. I’m hoping next year’s is Blitzen and Cupid because even their small amount of page time captured me. I definitely recommend Vixen’s Valor by Charlie Cochet.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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