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Darius Stone is playing guitar with a dead end band when his attention is drawn by a gorgeous man in the audience.  Darius feels an instant connection with the stranger, as if he is playing his music just for him.  When the man returns, along with his band, and invites Darius to join the Dark Angels, it is the decision that changes Darius’ life.

The Dark Angels, led by the alluring lead singer, Angel Luv, skyrockets to fame.  The connection between Darius and Angel continues and they become fast friends.  Angel flirts with him outrageously even thought Darius is straight, but Darius doesn’t mind and the audience eats it up on stage.  Despite the fact that Darius has never been into men, he can’t help but be drawn in by Angel.

When the two men take a trip to Bali for some isolated time preparing songs for their next album, the spark between them becomes even stronger.  Daruis begins to question whether he is straight after all, as he can’t help but think of being with Angel.  All alone in a villa in paradise, the reasons for resisting seem unimportant in the face of his strong attraction to Angel.  Finally the men give into the heat between them, but both promise it is just a no strings fling while they are away.  As their time in Bali draws to a close, however, neither man is quite ready to give up on the relationship they have built.  But each man also is sure that the other isn’t interested in anything more.  Darius and Angel must be brave enough to share their feelings or they may lose everything they have built together.

With Wings is the first book in Z. Allora’s Dark Angels series and I think it is off to a nice start.  I am a sucker for a good rock star romance and this one has a great bad boy rocker in Angel, all swivel hipped and alluring.  I love that he comes across kind of shallow and sex obsessed at first, but as the story goes on we see Angel is a lot deeper than he first appears.  He is sweet and sensitive and oh so very sexy.  In fact, this book is full of incredibly sexy scenes, making it a great story when you are looking for something fun and super hot.

I liked Darius a lot too as a guy who is just trying to figure out what he wants.  Darius has never been into guys, but he is hot for Angel in a big way and just can’t quite bring himself to accept it.  The book did go too long into the “He’s hot and I can’t stop thinking about him, but wait, I’m not gay” loop for me. It comes with the territory in an OFY kind of romance, but still I felt like we spent a lot of time with Darius totally into Angel but insisting he is not gay.  This is a long book and it just became kind of repetitive to me at times.

Once we finally get these guys together, they are burning the sheets up.  Seriously, there is a lot of sex in this book (and no you do not see me complaining).  What did frustrate me is the fact that these guys are totally hot for one another, clearly falling in love, and both are still sure the other guy isn’t interested. I kind of get it from Angel, given that Darius still claims to be straight (though he has accepted he is bisexual in his head and just not admitted it to Angel). So Angel is wary of falling for a guy who he figures will go back to women once they are back home. But Darius just seems so oblivious.  Angel is talking about how they aren’t fucking, they are “making love.”  He plans these super romantic dates with candles and private gardens and sunrise sex.  And yet Darius is still sure that Angel doesn’t really want him.  It made me kind of crazy to see him that clueless, especially because we see him at the start of the book as a friends-with-benefits with a woman, and so clearly he must be able to understand the difference between that and what he has with Angel. And even if neither of them gets it, how about just TALKING to the person who is an incredibly close friend and with whom you are sleeping?  I’ll admit, this miscommunication and misinterpretation of everything these guys said to one another about their relationship made me a little crazy.

Along with Angel and Darius’ story we get to meet the other band mates as well. They are all really interesting characters and headline the other books in the series so I am really excited to continue on, especially for Robin and Josh’s book (coming next).  Just as an FYI, Allora is revising and rereleasing this series so this is the new version of this book I am reviewing now.  The others are rolling out over the coming weeks (including the holiday story that I reviewed in it’s original version a while back).

So I will admit I had a little bit of trouble with some of the OFY and miscommunication elements of the plot. I think if the book had been shorter and this part tightened up it would have worked better. But in the end, this book is just such good sexy fun.  Sometimes that is just what you are looking for and With Wings hit the spot. I am definitely looking forward the rest of the series.

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