best 2014Gosh it has been an amazing year for m/m literature, hasn’t it? When I was asked to pull together my favorites of 2014 I was honestly stopped dead in my tracks. How to choose from so many good books, exciting and new plot lines, and enticing characters? So I looked over what I read this year and I began to see absolutely no pattern whatsoever!! LOL. And so, that is how I came up with the top 5 for 2014. An almost random selection, new authors for me, old standbys and the best in the biz made the cut! They are all on my list and so without further ado I give you:

Fair Play by Josh Lanyon

Fair Play Let’s begin with the “tried and true”, author Josh Lanyon and his 2014 release, Fair Play. Let me begin by saying outright, that in my opinion, there is no finer mystery writer on the m/m scene today than Josh Lanyon. I am pretty sure I heard fans moan in delight when he revealed that there would be a sequel to his amazing novel. Fair Game. Elliot and Tucker were back and once more in the thick of it as they pursue just who it is that wants Elliot and his father dead. Nearly four years in the making, this sequel had Fanyons flocking to get their hands on it and this fan was no exception. That is the power of a tried and true novelist—his work is just that good each and every time.


Slasherazzi by Daniel Kaine

SlasherazziThere is nothing more thrilling than seeing an author you enjoy stretch and take on an entire new genre and churn out an incredibly chilling and fantastic novel. I have enjoyed the Daeva series by Daniel Kaine over the last few years but when I heard he was sending up a thriller that was simply blood curdling, I knew I had to get my hands on it. Talk about a chameleon! Author Daniel A. Kaine produced an incredible story that had me turning on the lights and looking over my shoulder as I read. And the ending? Oh my golly, if you have not read this one, you have missed one of the best thrillers of the year!


Suburban Legend by B.J. Sheppard

Suburban LegendAnd the title of best newbie of the year goes to: B.J. Sheppard. Mr. Sheppard made a quiet splash with his humorous Rainbow Connections shorts stories and then turned everyone on their ear by producing a classic horror story with a fascinating plot twist. You will never look at babysitting in the same again after this macabre take on the “call is coming from inside the house” tale of terror. This new author writes from the gut and hits you where you live. This thrilling story is sure to make B. J. Sheppard a household name!


The Price of Dick by Dan Skinner

The Price of DickBy far this was the most compelling and honest read of this year. Dan Skinner cuts himself open and reveals how he was used and nearly destroyed by a con artist of the extreme. Yes, this is fiction but for those who follow this author of Memorizing You fame, you will understand just how autobiographical this novel actually is and what a cathartic moment it became for Dan Skinner. This story was horrifying in that such twisted evil disguised as “love” can truly exist in this world. My respect for this author knows no bounds. Dan Skinner opens his life and his heart in this novel and I defy anyone to not gain a new found regard for this author after reading his amazing novel.


Release by A.M. Sexton

ReleaseWow…just wow. This novel tore me to pieces. It was violent, unrelenting and the most remarkable story I have ever had the privilege of reviewing. Set in a fantasy world, peopled with horribly wounded and needy characters and impeccably written this novel had me in its grip from page one. Simply put, this was an amazing novel and one of the finest of the year.


And there you have it, my top five. This m/m genre has seen its ups and downs but I must say that each year it gets tougher and tougher to pick the top novels because there are so many out there that could easily be chosen for the honor. And so, I would like to just close by saying a huge thank you to all the writers in this genre—you create stories that feed our souls, fire our imaginations and entertain us immensely! I so look forward to reading your work in 2015!

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