small favorite booksHello everyone! Today I am here with another installment of our recurring feature, Favorite Book Lists! And today’s list is of our Favorite Master/Slave stories!

As often happens with these things, this list was inspired by some recent master/slave stories I have read that I just adored. In this case, the Free Men series by Kate Aaron and A Most Personal Property by Darrah Glass. Master/slave is a trope I don’t read that often, but one I find I really like. There is something about that power dynamic that is so fascinating. Like enemies to lovers stories, the challenge is to take men in what is essentially an adversarial relationship and make them fall in love. In addition, the heroes in this trope have a substantial power differential, which is an added challenge to making the relationship work.

Here is a list of our favorite master/slave stories. You can also see all master/slave reviews we have published here. And feel free to add suggestions in the comments if you have your own favorites!

P.S. This list does not include BDSM-related master/slave dynamics. You can check out all our BDSM reviews here.

Goodreads also has a list of Best Gay Slave Stories you can check out if you want more ideas. Keep in mind GR lists aren’t always totally accurate in terms of books fitting within a category, but definitely worth checking out if this is a theme you enjoy.

[Last updated: 1/1/20]

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