Favorite Book Lists: Master/Slave Stories

small favorite booksHello everyone! Today I am here with another installment of our recurring feature, Favorite Book Lists! And today’s list is of our Favorite Master/Slave stories!

As often happens with these things, this list was inspired by some recent master/slave stories I have read that I just adored. In this case, the Free Men series by Kate Aaron and A Most Personal Property by Darrah Glass.  Master/slave is a trope I don’t read that often, but one I find I really like. There is something about that power dynamic that is so fascinating.  Like enemies to lovers stories, the challenge is to take men in what is essentially an adversarial relationship and make them fall in love.  In addition, the heroes in this trope have a substantial power differential, which is an added challenge to making the relationship work.

Here is a list of our favorite master/slave stories.  You can also see all master/slave reviews we have published here.  And feel free to add suggestions in the comments if you have your own favorites!


Goodreads also has a list of Best Gay Slave Stories you can check out if you want more ideas.  Keep in mind GR lists aren’t always totally accurate in terms of books fitting within a category, but definitely worth checking out if this is a theme you enjoy.

[Last updated: 8/24/15]


  1. A couple that aren’t on your list but I really enjoyed are the free Slave Breakers series which starts with Bran’s Story by Maculategiraffe, and At His Throat a Promise by Lilith Grey 


  2. I loved Tribute and The Island by Lisa Henry and J.C. Owens The Emperor’s Wolf. Speaking of J.C. Owens, there are a few of her books with Master/slave relationships which were really good. Another favorite of mine is Gaven and it’s sequel The Bonding.

  3. Anyone who likes this kind of story should read The Captive Prince.  I don’t normally like this kind of story but book two was one of the best books I read all last year or maybe ever.  I wish the author would hurry with the final book but I am looking forward to re-reading the first two when the third finally comes out.

    • Oh yes! I have heard FABULOUS things about it! I actually have an advanced copy of the new paperback version. The first two are being re-released with a new publisher and then they are releasing the third. I am still waiting to hear the full timeline, but the first book is being republished 4/7 so I will have a review for you around then.

  4. Captive Prince – OOoooooooh <3
    Tribute – Pure Love !!!
    Emperor's Wolf and Gaven – they were ok but something was missing for me.

    My I suggest Blodraven – my undying love and devotion for master/slave gay books 🙂

  5. I followed your recommendation and boy am I glad. I got to find a few interesting read and I love them. However there is a book I am dying to read but couldn’t find it. It is the Prince of Silk and Thorn by Cherry Dare. I couldn’t download it from anywhere else nor can I purchase this piece of art everyone was fawning about. XD Can you help??

    • I just took a look and it looks like the book is available from Amazon, both on KU and regular purchase: http://amzn.to/2cquwxs Does that help or were you looking for something else? I am not sure I know about the artwork but I can do some poking around.

      And I am so glad you enjoyed the list!

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