Drive ShaftRating: 4 stars
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Length: Short Story

Jensen was just looking to get away from his stepfather when he accepted the job at Clyde’s Body Shop. Driving up on his Ducati, he is young, hot, and ready to embrace all of the tasks thrown his way as the new guy. Dean “Hutch” Hutchinson is wild, reckless, ripped, and up for a challenge. He has his eyes on Jensen and his plan is to get more than Jensen’s hands dirty.

When Jensen eyes up Hutch’s Viper, Hutch challenges Jensen to a series of dangerous after hours races. The winner gets the prize of sexual domination for the night. The heat flares between the men as they race to stake their claim on the other. They win, they lose, and their emotions get in the way. When Jensen finds a clue to Hutch’s past, he has to ride the most dangerous race yet to try to hold on to Hutch’s heart.

This story starts out as a generous serving of porn with a side of plot. Sometimes you are in the mood for a drama, sometimes a comedy, and Drive Shaft is definitely for when you are in the mood for hot action. This story reads like an action film with two hot guys going full throttle. There is a bit of plot added in and we are offered a glimpse of both Jensen and Hutch. The main focus, however, is on their fast paced nightly races and then the winner claiming their prize–although there are really no losers here. Sure there is insta-love and some of the scenes, although well written, are a bit harder to fully visualize all of the logistics. It is meant to be a fun, hot, action packed break from reality. Oh, and there is a cool dog too.

This is the second short story I have read from Geoffrey Knight. This story is completely different from the first one and shows the versatility in his writing. There will be two additional installments to this series to look forward to and Drive Shaft is a fun choice for hot guys driving fast and staking their claim.

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