Hat Trick Overtime Summer CampRating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Short Story

Hat Trick Overtime: Sumer Camp takes place after Hat Trick 2: Playing the Rebound and is, in my opinion, intended to add depth to Alex and Simon’s story and as such should be read in sequence.

Alex and Simon take on a new challenge coaching high school kids at a new hockey summer camp.   The responsibilities of being counselors mean that Alex and Simon can’t have any intimate time together, and although it is tough, both guys agree it is for the best.  When a fellow coach makes sexual advances to both Alex and Simon, the tension and work ratchet up for the couple.

I am a fan of “in between” additions when they serve to advance the larger series and Hat Trick 2.5 Summer Camp fits the bill.  Both Alex and Simon are comfortable with their relationship, school, and work.  Naturally outside forces will intrude on their seemingly perfect union and it was interesting to see both Alex and Simon’s reactions.  We are so used to getting a HEA without further adversity or bumps in the road, and Summer Camp delivers a perfect little snippet of the boy’s lives before they return to the “real world.”

I am truly looking forward to the third book in the Hat Trick series and found that the events of Summer Camp help to bridge the gap between the end of school and the start of Alex and Simon’s working lives.  A must read for fans of the Hat Trick series.

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