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I often wonder if it would be okay one day just to write a one sentence review such as: I really liked this story, please, do yourself a favor and go buy it. Honestly, no review could be more succinct about Kate Sherwood’s novel, In Too Deep, than that above. Sure, I could give a synopsis that would include how the elusive Cade, so damaged, with such fear hidden behind that rough façade, made sandwiches daily and never once gave more than a passing glance to Aiden, the golden haired rich boy who rarely had a worry in his head. Cade, who had done terrible things just to survive and get out of the hell that was his family home. Cade, who was studying to be an engineer and did nothing more than work and study and yearn for the day when he would be secure.

This was such a slow burning story. A gentle wooing by Aiden of Cade, the gradual breaking down of the protective walls Cade had so carefully erected out of need, out of fear. But Aiden had growing to do—much like Cade. Cade had to be willing to trust and Aiden had to see that his needs would always need to be secondary to those of Cade’s and Cade was going to be work—hard work for a boy who never had to really work for much of anything before in his life. And there were secrets—memories that Cade wanted so badly to forget and to bury away from the beauty that was Aiden and their relationship. Somehow secrets never manage to stay hidden and when Aiden finds out what his sweet Cade is carefully keeping dark, their love is breached and there is a real question as to whether it will survive.

The nuances, the layers author Kate Sherwood writes for each of her characters, are just breathtaking at times. Each time I felt that Cade or Aiden was already so transparent, this author would reveal just one more thing, one more flaw or gem about her men and they would be that much more real and accessible to the reader. The challenge that Cade was to Aiden leant such a sweet air of triumph for every small morsel of tenderness Cade grudgingly allowed. The supporting cast was realistic and sweet—the frat boys lending humor and the parents exuding both love and mistrust in the case of Aiden’s mother. The story was well paced and intelligent. The choices facing both boys were ones that prompted them to grow or remain young and callow. Watching these two young men grow and change made for an incredibly rich story that was so accessible and interesting.

All in all, I wish I really could just say to you that this book, In Too Deep by Kate Sherwood is a must read novel. It’s a story you should invest in and read with care to unearth all the sweet gems hidden within its covers. I know I am very happy I did.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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