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Nyx’s Pixie is the second installment in K.M. Mahoney’s A Dragon’s Treasure series and I liked it even more than the first. Those who recall the tale of the four remaining dragon shifters who now serve the Faerie King, Seamus, will remember Nyx as the more quiet and reserved of the group. On one of the many missions that Nyx does for the King, he runs across a small man who is a servant in a well-to-do brothel run by a man named Jamal.

The pixie known as Pol has been take in by Jamal in order to keep him safe from the governing pixie forces who would be more interested in seeing him dead than take the role he was born to assume. When Nyx discovers that this pixie half-breed is indeed his mate, he swiftly moves in to make Pol his own. But Nyx is a dragon shifter, huge in stature, and he fears that the mating of a pixie and a dragon may in fact injure his love despite his gentle feelings toward Pol.

The two lovers have bigger issues than size, however, for Pol is being pursued by a shady past and by a King who despises pixies and will not tolerate them inside his borders. Now Nyx may find himself torn between protecting his mate and serving his King.

Nyx’s Pixie was fast paced, humorous and a very sweet love story. However, those readers seeking a neatly tied up package and a clear cut ending may be disappointed for there are many questions left unanswered in this second novel, which sets up the potential third in the series quite nicely. The key hanging plot point would be the “Renewal” the dragons must undergo, which forces them into a sleep state for at least two months, leaving both Pol and Cody behind without their mates. There is also the question of the mystery that surrounds the power Pol carries inside him and his inability to control it. The combination of the two forces that make up Pol’s genealogy are rare as a match and threatens both King Seamus and any other nobility.

However the real strength of this novel lay in the characters of Pol and Nyx themselves. Such gentleness and pure fun these two have with each other! Their mutual love and respect is so lovely to watch evolve and unlike the harsher and more brash character that Cody is, Pol is the total opposite with a quiet inner core of strength that was a perfect foil to his fretful dragon, Nyx.

All in all, I was not bothered by what might some term the cliffhanger in this novel, nor was I puzzled by the lack of resolution with Pol’s position in the Pixie hierarchy. I felt that it would simply be more fodder for the next book in the series and allow us to see more of this wonderful couple.

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