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Bryce Edwards has finally landed the perfect part, the one that’s going to be his big breakout in Hollywood.  But just two weeks into shooting the movie, he’s told that his character is being replaced because the backers are afraid of pushing the gay agenda.  While it pisses him off, there’s nothing he can do.  Suddenly without work, and still getting paid, Bryce takes a look around at his paltry apartment and realizes that he doesn’t have much, despite all his work.  With the free time, he decides to go home and face his demons.

It turns out his demons weren’t quite as big as he thought, and getting closure on what happened ten years ago, and seeing his ex-boyfriend settled and in love, is both disconcerting and helpful.  Not to mention, he meets Dion LeClair, a beautiful young man who not only is a fan, but he also has intense chemistry with.  When Bryce gets the opportunity to go back to LA and read for a pilot, Dion goes with him.  Only Bryce constantly realizes that movie star or not, Dion is out of his league.  When Dion gets an invite to go to Vail, Bryce not only lets him go, but encourages it.  It only takes him a little bit to realize he made a mistake letting Dion go.

Bryce’s plans to go after Dion are thwarted when a car accident leaves him bruised and battered, and his phone broken. But a visit from the long ago ex puts Bryce’s head on straight, and affords him the chance to go after Dion.  Dion is surprised to see him, and together they have the talk they should have had before.  Everything isn’t perfect, but what they are building is good, and together, they can take on the world.  Even if it means Bryce is going to come out and possibly stall his acting career.  What he knows beyond a doubt though, is that Dion is worth it.

Guys, let me start by saying you should go buy this book.  Yep, I liked it that much.  The writing was fantastic, the characters wonderfully drawn and well developed, and the story moved along at the perfect pace.  It was, ultimately, a feel good read and I ended the book with that satisfied sigh of a story well done.

Bryce is our narrator here, and it’s his journey we’re on.  This guy had a hell of a time when he came out to practically the whole town, and he ran away to pursue his dream right afterwards.  What I particularly loved about him was that though he had done well for himself, he wasn’t some big headed, arrogant actor.  He’s serious about his craft, still having trouble making ends meet, and he’s got a sensible head on his shoulders.  He’s mostly hiding his sexuality because he doesn’t have a choice; being out in Hollywood would not get him all the parts he wants or is good for, and that’s a real concern.  But his reasoning behind it is sound.  I loved this guy.  He was a dichotomy at times, but it really gave us a good sense of who he was and what he was thinking.  I liked that he was, in turns, confident and scared out of his mind.  His layers made him feel real.

His attraction to Dion is pretty instant, and it’s easy to see why.  Dion is a confident, bubbly, shiny guy, and he goes after what he wants.  But he’s got layers too, a soft heart and a real solid core.  He was perfect for Bryce and they fit together so well.  It was clear why Bryce was shaky about them being together for the long term, and why he was so willing to let Dion go.  But these guys just work, and seeing them together was incredibly satisfying.

The writing is really fantastic in this story, and it was one of the things that drew me in and kept me engaged.  While there was one teeny aspect that felt a little contrived to me, overall, it felt like a story that could actually happen.  The realness of this story is what really kept my interest.  Yes, romance is often about the fantasy and taking the reader away from real life.  But here, it felt like I was privy to a real-life romance and that just added to the tale.  I was absolutely invested in these characters, so much so that I wouldn’t have minded if the story went on longer.  If there was another book featuring these guys, I’d snap it up in a heartbeat.

Second Act absolutely worked for me.  I enjoyed it from beginning to end, loved the journey that Bryce was on, and loved the characters.  This story had everything a good romance should and I can absolutely recommend it to you.

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