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With Gloria out of the hospital, she now needs full time care. Between Tom and Eddie, they have that covered, even if that means Tom has to spend a few nights at Gloria’s instead of with Travis. It’s not a problem for Tom, but for Travis it means more. To Travis it means that Tom is not ready to commit to him. Then Eddie hires a full time, live-in nurse for Gloria and not only does Tom feel like the people he loves are drifting further and further away, but he’s being kicked out of the only place he’s ever felt at home and being forced to live with Travis before he thinks he’s ready. In addition to all of that, Travis is hanging around his ex-boyfriend (and Gloria’s new nurse), Aaron, and all of the rage and jealousy Tom has worked so hard to push aside is back full force.

Travis loves Tom and he’s ready for the next step in their relationship, but with Tom’s jealousy and outrageous behavior, he’s having trouble finding a compromise. Especially when Tom tells him he doesn’t want to move in and that he feels like everyone is making decisions for him. Travis wants a break from the relationship to figure out if they want the same things, but Tom takes it as Travis breaking up with him.

When Tom takes it one step too far, he’s on the verge of losing everything and everyone he loves. Then tragedy strikes and the guys are forced to evaluate their lives with or without one another. What’s important? What can’t they live without? And is walking away truly the best decision?

Tap Out is the third book in the Bannon’s Gym series. Can I just say “aww”? It’s about time you guys. I love Tom and Travis. Have since we met them in book one. And man, their story was definitely worthy of two books. I’m glad to see their relationship come full circle. I was worried there for a minute about their longevity, but thankfully—thankfully—this author knew how to play it to keep me wanting more. And that I did.

Seeing Aaron as a good guy? Just… wow. I didn’t expect to like him, much less fall for him. I almost thought this story might turn into a ménage when the first POV started off as Aaron, but it didn’t. Not that I would have minded. I was beginning to hope for it by the end of the book. But am I disappointed in how the story ended? No way. Am I hoping that the recovering addict, ex-boyfriend, awesome friend, soft-hearted man Aaron will get his own story? You bet I am. Aaron, within the course of this story, turned my view of him from that of a selfish asshole to an amazing guy. He stole the show for me in this book, and now I want more.

This story, as with the rest in this series, is a bit heartbreaking and angsty. But in a good way. I enjoyed the rough journey for these guys because they make the reward so sweet. And it was such a beautiful reward. Now, I will be honest, the story starts a little slow for me, but once it picks up, it doesn’t slow down. The only thing I’m worried about now is if this is going to be the end of the series. The way it ended read like a series finale, but as I said before I’m desperately hoping for more Aaron. So I’ll keep my finger crossed.

All in all, Tap Out is a fabulous addition to this series. My favorite only after Black Dog. It’s sweet and heartbreaking at the same time, but completely perfect for these guys. And exactly what I needed to see for them. I recommend Tap Out by Cat Grant.

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