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Length: Novella

Brent has a pretty good life these days. He has a great job at an arts magazine in DC, good friends, and a supportive family. Even though he has been online dating and his friends are constantly trying to set him up, he has yet to make a true connection with women in his love life. When Brent develops a friendship with his good looking, successful boss, Graham, outside of the office, he also develops an attraction to him, but Graham is currently in a relationship. When Brent inadvertently sees a personal ad from a man that references his favorite poem, Brent just goes for it and answers the ad.

Cody is a bisexual musician who is currently looking for a relationship with a man. He is immediately attracted to Brent and their relationship starts out with Cody helping Brent discover all about intimacy with a man. Spending time with Cody, Brent realizes he is gay. Cody is tired of hiding their relationship, but Brent is afraid to come out to his family and friends. And, he still can’t stop thinking about Graham. Even if he comes out, Brent must face what his relationship with Cody truly is and figure out who his heart belongs to.

The tough job of a novella is being able to develop both the story and characters in fewer pages than a novel. In under 100 pages, Elliott succeeds in doing that fairly well. There are three main characters to consider here, along with secondary characters that all advance the story. Brent is the main focus here and his character is most developed. The story line flows well and pages are turned quickly to see how Brent is going to figure out his next moves in life. His friends really want him to find love and he has had a lot of first dates. He becomes increasingly attracted to his boss and decides to just take a chance on answering an ad from another guy. What attracts Brent to the ad is the use of a line from his favorite poet. The poem is a constant thread throughout the story and a throwback to the title of the book, but it is very convenient that so many characters all knew the poet and poem.

There are some areas that did move fast and were less developed. For the number of pages, and three characters to address, the story is less predictable which is definitely refreshing. We see Brent and Cody meet and first get together. This is a huge step for Brent as he has never been with a man. The story line then moves to a month later when the guys are fully immersed in a sexual relationship and I felt it was a big transition to jump over. We spend time with Cody, some portions are in his point of view, and then towards the end, I would have liked a bit more closure for him, as there could be a greater story for him. As the book wraps up so very sweetly, bordering on toothache sweetness, Wild and Precious is a feel good read about finding yourself and finding true love.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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