Wrong Number, Right GuyRating: 3 stars
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Length: Novella

Ryan Pierce is the hottest actor in Hollywood. Captivating women keeps his career solid, but what he really wants is a man. Ryan has always known he is gay, but his agent works hard to cover his secret, and for the sake of his career, Ryan goes along with the cover-up.

One night Dar Phillips dials the wrong number while trying to call his best friend. It takes a little while for him to realize his error and the men enjoy a fun conversation. The man Dar calls claims to be working on the Ryan Pierce movie filming in town on location. He invites Dar to be an extra in the film and to meet the famous actor. Dar agrees, but he is most interested in meeting the guy with the sexy voice that he accidentally called.

Ryan knows he is taking a huge risk by meeting Dar in person, but their attraction is instant. When the paparazzi shows up in full force and claim Dar sold Ryan out, Ryan thinks he has no choice but to turn his back on the man he was falling in love with.

This story starts with a cute opening as Ryan tries to get a grasp on who is calling him. Because it is a shorter book, getting the guys to meet and having Ryan’s true identity revealed to Dar is not drawn out. The entire first part of the book held my attention and both Ryan and Dar have likable qualities to offer. It is when they actually meet and Ryan’s identity is revealed that the story starts to slide downhill for me. While the guys do have instant chemistry, they have only had a few phone conversations, and their first date evolves to a full on conversation about what their relationship means. I get that Dar is trying to protect himself from being hurt, but it was a little too much for me for their first date.

The story then descends into a true Hollywood tale.  In fact, there are similarities to a movie that was released years back. I could have taken this story as just that, a Hollywood romance, but the ultimate storyline faltered for me in several areas. One area was after the paparazzi fallout, Dar cannot call Ryan again because the wrong number had been dialed from his landline and he does not know the phone number. I will go with the possibility that his landline does not capture the previous numbers dialed. But, any phone service provider will be able to tell you what numbers were dialed from your phone and this capability has been around for decades. If I am injecting too much realism into this it’s because Dar not having Ryan’s phone number and being unable to obtain the number is directly pointed out as a factor in the story line.

This story overall was just okay for me. The beginning captured my attention and then the rest of the story line flattened out. If you are in the mood for a Hollywood tale with a fairy tale happy ending, then maybe this book will work for you.

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