time travel week copyToday is officially one month until Time Travel Week!  Woo hoo! We have been very busy behind the scenes getting this ready, so I wanted to do a quick update.

First off, to catch up any newcomers, Time Travel Week will be held March 22-28th and be a full week dedicated to the time travel theme.  We will be reading, reviewing, talking about, and giving away books that cover all times periods. Specifically:

  • Historical
  • Futuristic
  • Steampunk
  • Time Travel

At this point we are pretty much set for what we are going to review. It is very exciting because we have lots of books I haven’t read so I am really excited to check out the reviews!

There are still a couple ways you all can get involved though.

First off, giveaways!  We are looking for authors and publishers who want to donate books to our big Time Travel Week giveaway.  Anything that fits in one of the above sub genres will work.  This is always a big event, so I would love to have folks participate. For each book donated, we add it to our big giveaway post with a blurb, cover, link to any review we have done, and acknowledgment of who made the donation.  So if you have books you want to contribute, just get in touch.

I am also still looking for a few more guest posters to round out our week. I am particularly looking for folks who can talk about futuristic or steampunk themes right now. If you write in these areas and have an idea for a guest post, let me know and we can talk.

For full details, you can also check out my Time Travel Week kickoff post.

Thanks a lot! I am getting really excited!

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