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Miles and the love of his life, Jeremy, are getting ready to celebrate their tenth anniversary, but they’ve hit a lull in the journey of life. Their routine is basic and boring and mostly predictable, except when it comes to Jeremy’s job. Jeremy is younger than Miles and his job as a music promoter keeps him away from home most nights and doesn’t always make him the most dependable guy, but when he makes plans to take Miles to Ibiza for their anniversary, Miles is ecstatic. He only wants to do something for Jeremy in return.

A nice dinner from Jeremy’s favorite restaurant and a night at home full of kinky fun should be just the thing. And Jeremy even promises to come home on time. Except he doesn’t. And he doesn’t call. And worse—he doesn’t answer his phone when Miles calls him.

Their trip to Ibiza the next day is fraught with fun and memories, but it’s also full of distractions and frustration. Enough so that Miles wonders if ten years with Jeremy is all that he was meant to have before he is supposed to move on.

Warning: This is probably going to be a bit harsh. For me. I know, I’m not that person, but this one had me on a soapbox while I was reading. First, let me tell you why I read the book in the first place. Have you seen the cover? It is adorable. Who wouldn’t want to get to know that cuddly couple on the front and share in their warmth and happiness? Then, of course, I read the blurb… What? I totally did this time. And again, the basis of this book as presented in the blurb sounded pretty good. So, I was all in and ready for a quick and sweet ride, only to be derailed by a thirty-year old, has been model who thinks he’s decrepit. Apparently thirty is the new eighty. There was a lot of nose-bridge squeezing and temple rubbing because I could just not fathom how in the world Miles was ready to find a walker and play shuffle board when I’m still running around fairly excited about life (on most days).

And to be honest, I wish I could just skip over the whole Jeremy situation, but I wouldn’t be doing my job if I did that, now would I? Jeremy is a music promoter. Apparently that gives him license to be an ass and break promises and think that sex should make up for anything. Oh, and while he’s on vacay or say—I don’t know—celebrating his anniversary, he has the right to make business deals and ignore his very lonely boyfriend. He is the most unlikeable, ungrateful character I have read in a long time. If there were any redeemable qualities to him, I certainly did not see them through my annoyance. The way he turned all of Miles’s issues against him… no, not a single redeemable quality.

It’s not all horrible. I didn’t hate the scene in the tailor’s shop. It could have been kind of endearing, but by then I was so annoyed with both characters I found it hard to grasp fully everything that was happening there.

The way this one ends didn’t sit well with me. I wanted to reach through my Kindle—scream out, “No! Don’t do it!” But hell, if either of these guys would’ve been listening. Geez, this one was obviously not for me as I am a thirty-five year old who lives like a twenty-five year old most days. It’s not a book that’d I’m going to recommend.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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