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Length: Novella

Noah Wheeler is in Vegas to celebrate his best friend’s wedding. The last thing he expected was to see the man who broke his heart six years ago. But when Dante Cerrato walks back into his life, there is no walking away and it doesn’t matter to Dante that Noah is in a relationship. Though admittedly, they aren’t exclusive. And then there’s the biggest part of Noah’s life—his and Dante’s five-year-old daughter. The one Noah was planning on surprising Dante with the day their world came crashing down around them all those years ago.

throwback thursdayBut now Dante’s back and he wants his family and Noah is willing to give him time with his daughter because it’s only fair. She is his daughter and he tried—he really did—to find Dante six years ago and tell him that he was going to be a father, but Dante disappeared. And then it was too late. Noah was a dad. But now Dante doesn’t just wasn’t to get to know his daughter, he wants the time lost with Noah. He wants a future and forever with Noah and their daughter. He wants them to be a family. But Noah is scared and too many secrets and so much heartbreak still lie between them for Noah to just forget.

This book is classic Mary Calmes. Fast talking, smooth writing, easy reading perfection. God, I loved this one. It is so light and sweet and precious, not to mention sexy. How much do I love the sassy characters in contrast to the big domineering ones? Geez, Calmes does a wonderful job writing Noah and Dante. This story is all sweetness without any stress or angst or frustration. It’s exactly what you expect when you sit down to read it. A perfect second chance story. It’s so much fun from beginning to end—heartbreak to a chance meeting. And oh god, Dante’s family—the stereotypical Italian family—they’re awesome. And I can’t get over Noah’s relationship with Keith, because they’re obviously not meant to be together. I don’t want to give that away to you either. Dante and Noah have an explosive chemistry that set ereaders ablaze everywhere, and it’s not only in the bedroom, although they are definitely on fire there. When they are on page together, the heat is palpable. It’s fabulous.

This is a wonderful read—sweet, sexy, and fun. I wish it had been longer though. There are so many things I’d like to see when it comes to Noah and Dante that I feel are left open-ended. And then BFF Pete—I’m a little disappointed he wasn’t in more of the book. I almost feel like this was the beginning of something—a beautiful, fabulous, perfect beginning. But a beginning nonetheless. I want more.

Overall, I really liked this one so, so much. It was sexy and sweet rolled into a ball of sass and growls. Just like I like it. I definitely recommend Again by Mary Calmes.

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