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Finn Hallan is a member of the elite Norwegian Emergency Response Unit, code named Delta.  He is not looking forward to his annual safety briefing, until Niall Faulkner steps up to the podium and Finn is lost to the trim Scottish man.  The chemistry is undeniable and Finn takes a chance and approaches Niall on his way to his room.  Fortunately for Finn, Niall is interested, which leads to what Niall thinks is a one night stand and he is not prepared when Finn says “We have to do this again.”

Their jobs bring them together again, but under terrible circumstances.  In charge of decommissioning an oil rig, Niall discovers that terrorists have taken control and killed some of the crew.  Finn’s Delta squad is dispatched to neutralize the terrorists and save the hostages, one of which is Niall.

I want to start with Niall and Finn, two very attractive, very different men.  Niall, a Scotsman, is geek personified while Finn is all hard muscle and definitely the Alpha in Alpha, Delta.  We are quickly immersed into their world, and they are very well developed by Scott, even though the story was extremely short.  To be honest, they were the best part of the story.

The premise of the story had a lot of merit as well, being focused, and set for a good part of the time, on an oil rig off the coast of Norway. With terrorism, revenge, and a heck of a good storm, Alpha, Delta certainly was action packed.

Unfortunately, so much action in 66 pages can leave gaps that affect the story negatively, such as a strange gap when Adam, the accountant, corners Niall in one of the first scenes and then is gone with no explanation. Time skips leave us to make giant leaps regarding the relationship building and we must make a lot of assumptions with a lack of detail.  Also, there were a few editing issues, which surprised me to be honest. For example, Niall reached into Finn’s pants and then the names got mixed up, as well as some punctuation and words used out of context.

Although everything in the story should have screamed “yes!” in the end, I was disappointed. However, if Scott revised and expanded the story, I would definitely give it another shot.

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