Crashing Into LoveRating: 2.5 stars
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Length: Novella

After a business trip to Hawaii, Sean is set to go home. Completely unsure of the private island hopper plane, as well as the pilot, Kale, Sean buckles in anyway. The short flight certainly does not go as planned as the men have to jump out before the plane crashes into the water.

The men find themselves stuck on a deserted island close to Maui. Kale, with is attitude and one liners, is too much for Sean to take, but the man is gorgeous. Stranded, the men find they have something in common at least, their attraction to each other. As the sun dips below the horizon, the island chills down, but the heat between the men is rising. One night of passion has the men starting to become emotionally attached, but their clashing personalities may set their relationship off course way too soon.

This story is billed as a romantic comedy. I was indeed looking forward to a lighter love story and two men stranded on an island was certainly looking good. As the story gets started, I had to really adjust my expectations of what was being offered. It was supposed to be a comedy, but as the men were falling from the plane, I then realized it was supposed to be a slapstick, completely fictionalized, nothing to do with reality type comedy. Kale is the only one that has a parachute and as the men are falling he keeps trying to grab hold of Sean only to lose him once again, to then air dive to try and catch him again, all the while cracking jokes. He just ditched his plane in the ocean and it’s just another day on the job for him. He has little regard for his plane and what happened and even mentions that he’s a pilot not a mechanic.

Going forward from there, Kale is constantly making jokes that Sean keeps calling him on as he tries to get him to be serious for even a moment and, well, I did not find Kale funny at all. With Sean, there is not much character development for us to get to know him much, just that he’s the opposite of Kale.

The bulk of the story then consists of them having sex while stranded. It could have, or should have, been just a fun, sexy, hot story. However, the dialog completely kept me on the sidelines of the story as we got passages such as these:

“Kale sensed Sean wanting to be stuck for good, not with just a few fingers, but with his slippery enlarged dick. …Kale gripped himself and aimed his glistening fuck-post at Sean’s flexing star.”

“Taking the lead and teasing, Kale punched his shining hood against Sean’s manhole, tapping it softly, just breaching the seal.”

“…banging, pumping, thrusting his cock in and out of Sean’s sucking chute.”

“He bleated and blasted, blowing sizzling semen up against Sean’s bowels….”

There is also repetitive word use and the word “gawd” is completely over used. After their night of passion, the used condom is then described as being so filled as to look like a water balloon. Kale then proceeds to erupt its contents all over Sean. So, for me, all of this did not read as fun, sexy, or entertaining.

The guys make it off the island (there is never really a question about that) and they are interrogated about the crash before they are offered any medical treatment or even given a drink, as they mention how thirsty and hungry they are. They then cannot live without each other. The End. This is a specific style of story telling with a distinct tone and a specific type of dialog. If the examples are intriguing to you and this your style, then certainly give it a try.

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