Hollywood HomecomingRating: 3.25 stars
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Length: Short Story

Evan is living a quiet life in Georgia. The small town life is not very conducive for a young gay man and he spends most of his time alone. While at the gym one night, he sees his old high school crush, Drake. Drake had left town after graduation two years prior to try and make it as a Hollywood actor. Drake has returned home for Christmas and seeing Evan again reignites his long harbored secret crush as well.

Sparks fly as the guys become further acquainted, but their happiness is short lived. Not used to life in a small town anymore, Drake has a hard time understanding why Evan remains closeted and Evan then finds out about everything Drake has been up to. Just when they thought they may have found someone to ease the loneliness, Evan isn’t sure if he can really trust Drake.

Hollywood Homecoming is a light, easy to read short story with a few heated scenes. Although Evan and Drake both had crushes on each other in high school, they weren’t really friends. Evan has changed quite a bit and the guys don’t recognize each other at first when they see each other in the shower at the gym (which struck me as out of place that there were communal showers in a contemporary gym, but the setting worked with the story). There is no new ground being covered here with their unrequited high school crush, both guys with little family, small town mentality, and a lack of communication. Evan does anger quickly without giving Drake a chance to explain, which then imparts a source for conflict. But, Evan and Drake are good for each other and it’s easy to want them to find their way to each other so they are not so alone anymore. There’s a little bit of back story, a little bit of character development, and a little bit of heat and tension. This would be a fairly solid choice for a short story that reads quickly and touches on several areas to bring to high school friends together.

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