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Length: Short Story

Clint Rivera is having the day from hell. He returned from two weeks camping to find his dogs have destroyed his house, he is being evicted, and his fridge crashes over destroying all the beer. And most unbelievably, the ex he broke up with just before leaving on the camping trip is suddenly engaged to be married.  Clint has no intention of going to the engagement party that night, but with the day he is having, he goes in search of beer.

After a few too many drinks, Clint is rescued by the gorgeous deputy mayor, Hawk Black.  Clint has been hot for Hawk for months and can barely keep himself from falling over the man drooling most days. It has never really occurred to Clint that Hawk is interested in return, but even his alcohol addled brain can recognize the signals Hawk is sending out this night.  For his part, Hawk has been interested all along, and he is determined that tonight is the night he will finally win Clint over.

Jumping In is a sexy, romantic, and kind of mushy short story that I really enjoyed.  The sexual tension between Hawk and Clint is off the charts, and we can feel it from the first time they appear on page together.  Somehow Clint has missed Hawk’s interest all along, but on this night Hawk finally decides he is going to make sure Clint knows how much he wants him.  Now that Clint is officially single, Hawk brings him home, makes his feelings clear, and the guys have a hot and heavy night together (after Clint sobers up of course).

Cardeno C does such a great job with the intensity here that it really carries the story.  Yes, once Clint is finally aware of their mutual attraction things move lightning fast.  And how he missed Hawk’s interest all this time, when Hawk is practically eye fucking him and making constant sexual innuendos non stop, I have no idea. To be honest, you kind of have to roll with all that for this story to work.  But somehow it just did for me, and I think it is because the heat and emotion the author builds in the short number of pages really makes the story work, despite the instalove and super fast happily ever after.

This is a short story, so obviously we don’t get things as developed as in a longer book, but I was still impressed with the well developed characters and plot.  We see Clint on this horrible day, but still manage to learn a lot about him and his past.  Clint has been in a relationship with a guy who was totally closeted, leading to their ultimate break up. But Clint hasn’t been so open on his end either, and it takes starting things with Hawk for him to realize that he is not living the life he wants to live either.  For Hawk’s part, this is one single minded, determined guy.  To be honest, I did find Hawk’s backstory for how he came to be in town and his feelings for Clint to be a little too intense (and let’s be honest, maybe a tiny bit stalkerish).  I don’t know why it worked for me, probably because Hawk is hot and sexy and Clint is so hot for him in return that it makes things go down smoother.

So overall I thought this was a really fun and sexy story. I loved the crazy beginning for poor Clint and the way these men ultimately get together. The sexual connection between these guys is off the charts, and I loved the romantic and sweet way things all wrap up.  So I enjoyed this one quite and lot and definitely recommend it for a sexy short story.

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