Purrfect ProtectorRating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel

To be frank there are very few authors in the paranormal genre that can pair up a saber tooth tiger and a male model and make it work without resorting to some twink/domineering male scenario. Say hello to Kale and Aleksi and sit back to watch the sparks fly and the dialogue get wittier and more biting as the novel progresses. Kale is no pushover but he is so very cautious, realistically carving out a name for himself in the male modeling world with the few years he feels he has left in a killer body and a gorgeous face. Aleksi is…huge, over 6 foot 10 inches and muscle bound. His inner kitty is fierce and loyal and so very much in like with one particularly feisty male, namely Kale.

S.A. Welsh writes a dark tale of a deadly stalker hell bent on making Kale his boy toy and stopping at nothing, including a saber tooth shifter, to achieve that end. Aleksi works for Shifter Protection Specialists Inc. where he is known for his aloof behavior and chronic need to be alone, always craving a solitary life. When Kale receives death threats, his brother sets him up with a bodyguard from the Shifter services. Little does anyone know that Aleksi’s protection skills will be pushed to the max and that the stalker chasing Kale will stop at nothing to get his man. But Aleksi’s inner tiger is pretty sure he has found his mate and he is determined to make sure Kale becomes his and that Kale is safe as well.

The paranormal aspect of this novel worked so well. I thoroughly believed that Aleksi could be an extinct animal—his prowess and quiet steely strength oozed off the page. On the same token, Kale was such a delightful “anti-twink.” All growly and demanding, I found Kale to be smart and clever and just the right match for the strong and dark Aleksi. This was no case of insta-love and in fact, it was rather refreshing to see both men push back against the idea of being mated or even be in a relationship. They both guarded their privacy and their need for space and I felt that really lent an air of believability to both characters. As far as the stalking, this was a tightly woven tale that kept you guessing as to how the guy managed to know Kale’s whereabouts and infiltrate most every venue Kale was working. The stalker was deliciously evil and really played his role well.

So why not a five star review? Well I would have to say it is primarily because the ending was so abrupt. I felt like the author needed to set up the next novel in the series and did so with little regard for how the next case really stemmed from the first. There was no mention of this surprise character in the first story. In fact, we were never really told much about the stalker and his ties to anyone else. So for the ending to leap at the connection it did, it was hard to jump onto this new case with just a few pages of set up.

I felt we needed just a few more crumbs of information to make this one work. However, Purrfect Protector by S.A. Welsh did have a great cast of characters who really played off of one another well and allowed for a good story to merge. I do look forward to the next installment in the series.

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