shadows ashRating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel

With Mountain Shadows seemingly at peace, Scott heads off to talk some sense into Robby’s mom, Rob seeks permission from Scott’s mom for his hand in marriage, and all hell breaks loose. While Finn is left to watch over the campgrounds, he and Mick are out walking the grounds when an old camping hogan is blown up. Scott shows up just in time to become prime suspect, have a flashback, and be arrested. Now it’s up to the rest of the Mountain Shadow family to find out who is really behind the vandalism and arson to their home and free Scott, because it’s obvious the authorities aren’t willing to look elsewhere.

While weeding through the possibilities, painful pasts creep up, deception is discovered, and more questions arise than are answered. Just when it looks like all is hopeless, a light shines at the end of the tunnel. Another murder on Mountain Shadows property—and this time Scott was nowhere to be seen, but does will help or hinder his case? And is the murderer among the friends Scott calls family?

First off, wow! It was nice to finally have completion to these four Pulp Friction 2014 series. And it’s a wonderful finale. I’ve waited all year (a little over, really) to get some of these answers and it was worth the wait. I loved the resolute feel of each couple, including Jilly and Siggy. It was great to have sight of the characters interacting as more than just couples—like Finn with Mick or Cannon and Charlie. In the end, they are truly a family. It’s perfect and quite symbolic of their entire time in the camp. And the mystery—hallelujah! We have a conclusion. Whodunit? I’m not gonna tell you. You’ll have to read it all to find out.

So there is one thing niggled at me. It’s not game changer—meaning, I still enjoyed the book and didn’t affect the way I viewed the plot, but it was still noticeable enough to mention.  About halfway through the book each couple—save for Scott and Rob because Scott was still being detained—had a sex scene. All three were back to back. By the third I was struggling to pay attention because, one, I knew what was coming, and two, I was ready for some variety.

The one thing that I didn’t quite believe was the identity of the arsonist and what actually happened to him. I don’t want to give it away, but the fact that the person who supposedly did it was the person who was the most likely suspect was disappointing. And then the ease of which everything else happens with that person was also a bit disappointing. Not to mention the fact that the authors opened such an interesting door by killing someone on the campgrounds and have perfect openings for any of the Mountain Shadows’ residents to actually be the killer, and they let that fizzle out. I was pretty disappointed by that too.

Overall, I liked the story and I am so happy to see a conclusion and happy ending for these guys. But I was hoping for something more thrilling and mysterious and shocking, and I didn’t get it. Still, if you’ve followed this series from the beginning, you’ll be happy with the finale for the simple fact that all of these couples and their kids and siblings find happiness and family with each other in the end.

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