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Length: Novella

Tim Myers owns an adult toy store and helps out his friends doing BDSM demos on the side.  Ever since he left a rocky past behind him in Atlanta, Tim has been wary about getting involved in the local scene or playing with any new Doms.  After having his trust betrayed, he is not ready to risk his safety or his heart with someone new.

When Tim meets Jae Seong, he finds himself immediately drawn to the sexy Dom. Jae wants Tim to help him out with a wax play demo and comes highly recommended by some Doms Tim trusts.  So he agrees to a few trial runs with Jae to test out their compatibility and prepare for the demonstration.

As it turns out, Jae is everything Tim could want. Not only is he attentive and caring to Tim’s needs, he is not bothered by some of Tim’s health issues that can make BDSM play a little more challenging.  Even better, Jae is not put off like some others have been by Tim’s real interest, his domestic servitude kink.

As the two men get to know one another and have a few sessions together, Tim realizes that Jae could be exactly what he has been looking for. Now he just has to trust Jae enough to share his past and take a chance on a future together.

So author Nicole Forcine is a new-t0-me author and I found myself really impressed with this story and I enjoyed it quite a lot. Tim is a fabulous POV character. He is spunky and witty, but at the same time, he has his demons to handle.  There are issues both in his past and his present that are holding him back. He would love to really get back into the scene, but his trust issues, as well as some allergies and health problems, mean he isn’t so comfortable with new people, and often new Doms aren’t interested in him.  Tim is such a great combination of strength and vulnerability, something I love in my romance heroes. As the story unfolds and we learn more about his past, we can see both his struggles and his success as he slowly overcomes them.

Jae is also a great character. He is attracted to Tim right from the start as well, but he is very careful with him. Jae takes the time to learn about Tim’s latex allergy and complications of playing with a diabetic. He listens to Tim, who is more experienced with wax play, and is open minded and ready to learn what he doesn’t know. But at the same time, Jae knows how to be a Dom and he is strong and confident with Tim, giving him just what he needs.  I really liked both these guys together and think they make a great couple.

The story is nice and sexy, but I appreciated we have a solid plot to go along with it.  The chemistry between these guys is intense from the moment they meet and the wax play scenes are great. I did wish for a bit more on the servitude kink however. Tim clearly loves and needs this outlet and it is discussed a lot. Jae seems to be interested in exploring it, unlike many of the other Doms Tim has played with. And we see a bit of it, like Tim removing Jae’s shoes, but nothing that really focuses on this aspect of the kink. I just felt like we get a lot of lead up here, and I would have loved to see it play out more.

This is a mid-length novella and we get a nicely developed story for that length. Things definitely point towards a happy future for Jae and Tim, but they don’t fully solidify within this story. Still, I was left with no doubt that these two are headed for more and I was really happy with how it all comes together.  So a great story by a new-to-me author who I will be definitely checking out again in the future.

Cover Review: I kind of love this cover, though I am not sure the tone is quite right. I’m assuming that is Jae in his sexy suit with the candle, but the cover almost has a gothic feel that isn’t part of the story at all.  But still, I think it is gorgeous looking.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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