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Relocating to Chicago, things may finally be looking up for Rabin Squire. He and his best friend, Zane, will finally be recording new music with the help of successful musician, Brent Rose. Staying with Brent when Rabin first arrives in town, he meets Brent’s cousin Izzy. Izzy, who is sweet, sexy, flirty, and the only guy Rabin has ever been attracted to.

throwback thursdayRabin never expected to take a man to bed and certainly never expected to have feelings for one, but Izzy assures him that having sex with a man doesn’t make him gay. Rabin’s not so sure about that as he enjoys spending time with Izzy out of bed as well. Izzy tells him that no one needs to know and they should just enjoy each other while it lasts, but Rabin is not looking to end their arrangement anytime soon. Then, a bigger career opportunity in Los Angeles comes through and Rabin has to relocate once again. His relationship with Izzy is no big deal, right? But it sure hurts when it comes to an end.

Squire is the first book in a spin-off series of Jet Mykles’ popular Heaven Sent series. For the most part, it can be read as a standalone. The relationship between Rabin and Izzy is completely new to this book. There were a few places where Rabin’s connections to other characters were lacking for me as I did not have to full picture from the other series, but overall it did work fine without having read the first series.

This is a romantic, fun book that you can just lose yourself in. As Rabin settles himself into a new life, he certainly was not expecting to find and have feelings for a man. This area is not drawn out at all. Although Rabin has never been with a man, he is very accepting, and moves onto a sexual relationship with Izzy rather quickly. These guys connect really well together sexually and Rabin does not hold back during their first time together. Rabin then really had no issue of telling people they were together, but it was Izzy, coming off a bad time in his life, that wanted to keep things quiet. Since they are hiding their relationship, for the most part we see them in bed together. I could have used a bit more on the relationship development side of things. Also, the story is told solely from Rabin’s POV and Izzy is such an interesting character with a potentially interesting story on his own, so I would have really enjoyed more from him.

Rabin’s band is more of a side story.  There were a few band scenes that did move through quickly, and not everything that was going on was explained clearly, but it does drive the overall story line and ultimately Rabin’s relationship with Izzy. Squire is a good choice for a story set with a background of music, with low angst, and the relationship of Rabin and Izzy at the center.

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