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Brandon is the successful owner of a design store in West Hollywood. After breaking up with his last boyfriend, he continues to live in the present, and there is no looking back for him. As a favor, he reluctantly agrees to dog sit for a few hours. The last person he ever expected to come for the dog was his former high school boyfriend, Jake, who broke his heart.

Jake has just relocated to the West Hollywood fire department. He never expected to run into Brandon, his high school love. When Brandon keeps pushing him away, Jake has no issue with using his lovable older dog to help sweet talk Brandon. Brandon and Jake think they are rekindling their friendship, but the attraction is just as intense as it ever was. Jake is fine with leaving the past behind, but Brandon cannot move on as easy. Afraid of being hurt again, Brandon has to face his fears and consider the man he keeps telling himself is the wrong man, may be just who he needs after all.

The Wrong Man is the second book in the Right and Wrong series. Although Brandon was introduced in the first book, this book could be read as a stand alone. Brandon was one of the best parts of the first book and he carries that all the way through in his own story.

Brandon knows he’s sort of high maintenance, as he likes his fashion and his design, but he is also tough from having a less than stellar family life. He is looking for his forever love and still believes he is out there. When he sees Jake again, sure he thinks the man looks good, but no way is he going backwards. The story is told solely from Brandon’s point of view so Jake was kept at a distance a bit for me. It is much more Brandon’s story of how he can face his fears of everyone always leaving him. It is a second chance story of reuniting with your high school love and facing down the mistakes and fears of your past. The guys work really well together and they are put into close proximity quickly. It is not drawn out and it’s a steady pace for Brandon and Jake to rekindle their relationship.

Also, it is the story of Brandon relationship with Jake’s dog, Mack. Brandon is pretty set in his ways, has never had a need for any kind of pet, but he bonds with the older dog. I like dogs, I like Mack, I have no issue with dogs in books, and adding in Mack offered Brandon a chance to grow as a character. I did feel that some of the time spent with Mack bordered on being too much for my taste. I would have preferred a little more time with the humans in some areas. Also, both of these men are so fabulous that both of their exes want them back and both exes remain a presence throughout the story.

As the story progressed, I kept waiting for something to happen. But, this is not that kind of story. It does take almost the entire book to find out exactly what happened between the two of them in high school and I felt that area was drawn out too long. It was difficult to connect with what Brandon was so upset about without having the whole story for most of the book. There is a steady pace to this story of reuniting two lovers and this is the book with a series of real moments that make up a life. The Wrong Man is a quiet, enjoyable read of getting it right the second time around.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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