Bitter Rednesses of Love by Dominique FrostRating: 5 stars
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Length: Novella

Anthony Clark, a poor nobleman, was wed to Stephen Ayers, another nobleman, before they were even born, the pact sealed by their fathers. One knows nothing of pleasures of the body, the other knows nothing about love. Can they make their union work?

This story is pure poetry, every word a gem. Incredibly beautiful storytelling in every sense.

time travel week copyAnthony has spent his whole life, when he’s not working on some ingenious device, in bed with men and women of all sorts. Stephen, on the other hand, is a virgin who has waited faithfully until his wedding night to learn the ways of love. Unfortunately, Anthony knows all about sex, but nothing about love. Poor teacher, poor student. These two men shouldn’t fit together at all, and the rest of high society is in total agreement. Yet they sort of, kind of do, beating all the odds.

Two big hurdles come their way in the form of plot twists, one of them totally out of the blue and terribly heart-breaking. A kiss out of wedlock and a fatal injury. Which is worse, do you think? The story moves at a perfect balance between slow and fast paced, never leaving you wanting.

This story is written in the third person, but we’re only given Anthony’s point of view. Nonetheless, I still felt like I got to know Stephen, as Frost is an exceedingly talented writer. These men live and breathe off the page, showing every inner truth with hints of body language, absence of words, and whispers of emotions, and finally the sudden epiphany Anthony gets that turns his whole world upside down.

I loved this story. The bitterness of heartache is present at every step forward until I felt like my heart would burst. But the hope of love, such a small light under the dark shadow of war, is brought before us with beautiful writing and wonderfully relatable characters. I highly recommend this.

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