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Length: Novella

Walker Hansom left home in search of his fortune, however, heading West hasn’t been easy in a number of ways.  Run out of Texas for shady dealings at the card table, Walker continues his westward trek until his map leads him to a dead end.  As the temperature drops, Walker wanders through the forest until he is surprised by mountain man Horace Grady.

Things appear normal at first, and Walker is thankful to have been saved since he has never experienced a Rocky Mountain winter.  Little does Walker know, but Horace has his eye on him.  As the men become accustomed to each other, Horace makes his move and Walker discovers that sex in all of its forms is not the sin he was raised to believe it was.  As winter turns to spring, Walker is excited for what is to come, a small garden perhaps.  Now if he could only figure out why Horace’s mood has gone downhill.

time travel week copyHorace keeps alluding to cabin fever and what he expects will happen.  What happens is exactly what you would expect from Tortuga: sex and lots of it.  In fact, after about 40%, the plot virtually disappears and the sole focus of the characters is how to get off, spanking, bondage, fisting, shaving, toys… Tortuga does not tread lightly with Horace and Walker.

Is this reasonable is the first question I had, and I came up with a yes/no answer.  Yes, simply because we have two men stranded in a cabin for the winter with nothing else to do who both happen to be gay. I mean there’s a reason why families had so many kids back then, right?  Well that and they needed the help around the farm.  Then I said a tentative “no” to many other aspects of the story, such as Horace’s seemingly wide knowledge of BDSM, European customs, and so many things that added a great deal of depth to his character but seemed a little off at the same time.  That being said, Walker had some dimension, but for the most part, he was simply a plaything (a very willing plaything) for Horace.

Want a variety of well written BDSM sex scenes between two unlikely lovers?  Well here you go.  Oh, one thing I forgot to mention…a wooden dildo ((cringe)) all I could think of was splinters…

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