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Length: Novel

After relocating from California to Chicago to join the Indigo Knights, Danny Champion is ready for life as a rock star. This is the band that will make all of his dreams come true. Studio sessions, the club circuit, and touring are all part of that life and it’s what Danny thrives on. Casual hookups were always part of Danny’s life and now, he can’t even believe this is happening, for it’s the worst possible time to fall in love.

Cash is Danny’s quiet roommate. He is always on his computer and music and clubbing are of no interest to him. Cash has never had a real date and never even considered the possibility that he is gay. But Cash likes Danny and when Danny introduces him to the world of sex, Cash is hooked. He doesn’t understand what Danny could ever see in him outside of the apartment, as he thinks Danny could have his choice of any man. Danny is unable to resist everything about Cash, but when the road comes calling, Cash makes it clear that Danny is on his own.

Champion is the second book in the Indigo Knights series. It works best to have read Squire, the first book in the series. It is also a spinoff from the Heaven Sent series and the guys from that series do show up in this book as well.

This is a character driven book that is lighter and a fun read. The story revolves around the band, but the main focus is on the relationship between Danny and Cash. There is a classic opposites attract going on here, with Danny the vibrant lead singer and Cash the quiet computer guy. Danny is ready to be a rock star and is completely blindsided when he finds himself so enamored of Cash and then finds himself falling in love with the guy.

The story is told solely from Danny’s POV and Cash has a whole lot going on with him, so it was unfortunate we did not get to go further into his head. So much of this is Cash’s story as he has limited sexual experience and has never been with a man or thought about being with a man. He just doesn’t think about dating anyone, regardless of their gender, and he had so much to say that we never got to hear. Their relationship at first is contained to the bedroom and Mykles certainly can write intense intimate scenes. We do get glimpses of Rabin and Izzy from Squire and the secondary band members add to the overall story without taking away from the main story line.

There is no new ground being covered here and the format and the progression of the story is very similar to Squire. And, this book really could have used an epilogue. The guys are just getting there and then…it’s over. But, I just enjoyed this book for what it was and what was offered. The story moves quickly and maintains its focus of exploring a relationship between two different men. Recommended for fans of Jet Mykles or for those you like a story revolving around the beginning of a relationship, with a side of rock.

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