Death by DragonRating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel

Fell Harwicke is in hiding.  He’s spent the last eight years doing whatever he can to stay out of sight.  Living in a secluded cabin for the last year, protected by wards he’s painstakingly weaved, he thought he was safe.  Until humans chase some shifters onto his land, killing two, and forcing Fell to intervene.  Though he’s able to stop the attackers, he now has two severly injured men on his hands.  It’s a good thing his witch abilities lie in healing, and he’s able to save them both.

Jethro Lasko and Theodore Ronson wake after Fell is done with them to discover the loss of their family.  When Jett finds out that Fell is not just a witch, but a half incubus too, he spurns Fell.  But the two men need a place to stay, not being welcomed back in their pack, and Fell sees that he has little option but to provide them shelter.  But he needs to replenish his energy, and the only way he can do that is by engaging in intimate acts.  Though he’s drawn to Jett from the start, Jett will have nothing to do with him.  Theodore, on the other hand, is willing to help.  When Fell has vision of himself and Theodore together, he knows that is his fate and begins a relationship.

But Jett and Theodore are part of a resistance group, fighting against the evil vampire Jamison who will stop at nothing to gain control.  It’s the same vampire that has been after Fell for years, the one Fell has been trying to avoid.  Though he’s not exactly thrilled about it, Fell is drawn into the fight.  But his visions keep happening, especially the one where he dies at the hand of a dragon.  And when he discovers that’s the kind of shifter that Jett is, Fell knows Jett will be the one to kill him.  That doesn’t stop their attraction to one another, and the connection they have.

The battle heats up, there’s a traitor in their midst, and Fell’s relationship goes south.  It gives him the opportunity to finally act on his feelings with Jett.  Though as much as Jett wants it, he can’t let go of what Fell is. When Fell is captured by Jamison’s gang, he knows his fate is going to come to pass.  He has no choice but to work for Jamison—a spell makes it impossible for him to refuse—but he does what he can to help the resistance.  Fell just has no idea if what he’s done is enough to turn the tide, and if he’s lost the man he loves forever.

A book like this hinges on the world building.  Whenever I read something like this, I need to have things explained, be believable within the confines that the author set up, and have things work.  Ribbon excels at that with this story.  With Fell as our narrator, he takes us on his journey, makes us understand what he is going through and how magic works, and makes us believe that it’s possible.

Ah, Fell.  I loved this guy.  Some terrible things have happened to him in the past, and he is determined to do whatever he has to in order to survive.  But when trouble literally falls on his doorstep, he jumps in to help.  Okay, yes, he didn’t exactly want to.  But his morality is strong, and he knew he couldn’t let the shifters suffer when he could help.  And then he opens his home, not because he wants to, but because he feels he needs to.  I have to admit, this part was one where I had to take a little leap, and just accept it.  The Fell as we knew him in the very beginning had been hiding for so long, had been living a solitary life, that for him to let Jett and Theodore stay with him was a bit of a jump.  But go with it, because the Fell that is revealed throughout the rest of the story is one worth getting to know.  A man full of self-sacrifice and a deep emotion.  I loved watching him expand as the story progressed.

I had a couple of issues with the pacing as the plot moved along.  There were a couple of parts where I felt it was moving just a tad bit slow.  But these issues were minor in comparison to the grand story arc, and the information we obtained during these parts was necessary and vital.  The fight scenes were tightly written and action packed.  And this story has a really nice mix of action with more sedate, character and plot progressing scenes.

I admit that I had a little trouble with the character of Theodore.  He’s hurting so badly, and he definitely has some issues.  That wasn’t my problem though, as he was incredibly well drawn.  The romantic in me had a little trouble with Fell and Theodore getting together, when Fell’s heart so clearly longed for Jett.  Overall, I did think this whole section was integral to the plot, and so I was able to accept it.  But I found myself waiting for the moment when Fell and Jett finally got together, and I think that took just a tiny bit away from the story for me.

Jett has his own issues to work through before he can accept his attraction to Fell.  Part of this stems from his experiences in the past, and I really liked the way that he worked through it in the name of love.  While we do get a wonderfully solid friendship between them, and it gives a fantastic foundation for their love, I do have to admit that Jett’s change of heart seemed a bit sudden to me.  I think that this is, in part, due to the fact that this story is solely told from Fell’s POV and we don’t get to know what Jett is thinking.  While I don’t think this detracts for the story exactly, I would have liked to get to know Jett a little more.  What we do know, I absolutely loved.  He’s solid, loyal, and pretty dang amazing.  I would have just liked to see a bit more of him.

If you’re looking for a fantastically written, action packed paranormal story with amazing world building and good characterization, then this story is the one for you.  Despite my small issues with it, I enjoyed it immensely and definitely recommend you pick it up.

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