Handsome Hero WantedRating: 4 stars
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Length: Short Story

Handsome hero wanted.
Brave in the face of certain danger.
Must be willing to get naked with other species.
At least six-inch penis required.
Fee is negotiable.

That was the ad that led human Captain Drayton Starberg to Falla Bray. Low on funds and in need of repairs to his space ship, he heads to the distant location. The king is looking for a DNA donor to produce a new heir. The rules: become part of the king’s harem for one week, and, if chosen, a donation of DNA is required. Once arriving, Drayton meets:

  • King Ranix, the ruler of Falla Bray: blue skin and long white hair
  • Lord Dusk of the Templeton: alluring with two penises
  • Lavendar: of feline descent
  • Layden from the Golden Clan: of wolf descent with fangs
  • Ashthor: chameleon-like with a tail and a rainbow penis.

Drayton had no idea that the location and his fellow competitors, especially one in particular, would be so enticing. The king also finds himself with a tough choice to make of which male will ultimately become the handsome hero.

time travel week copyEntertainment. Erotic entertainment. If you open this book with that thought in mind, you will find yourself with a winner of short, erotic tale. There is not much back story to this futuristic setting and not much character development on Drayton. The story focuses on his experiences once he arrives at Falla Bray. The king, who we don’t really see all that much or get a true sense of, will determine his choice of hero through the many sexual scenarios the men are put into. It is completely consensual and we get more insight into Drayton’s feelings for the other men than insight into how the king is actually making his choice. We are not given a proper understanding of what it was about the sexual acts that will determine who becomes the king’s choice, and perhaps I am not supposed to look that deep. And, while the ending did not surprise me, I did enjoy that it seemed to emotionally surprise Drayton. I would have enjoyed another scene or two there at the end to round out the last part of the story.

The next story, featuring Lavendar and Layden, promises to be all kinds of interesting, and if Drayton were to show up again that would be just fine. Handsome Hero Wanted offers a glimpse into another place in time and a short list of unique characters in a variety of combinations. It’s fun, it’s light, and there’s more sex than plot. Sometimes you want to savor and linger over a book and other times you want a quick shot. This is the first book in a series of at least eight installments so line ‘em up. Cheers!

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