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Danny is a detective and he works all of the time. With one foot practically back in the closet, he hasn’t had a relationship in some time. While having drinks one night, he catches sight of Finn, the lead singer in a popular band, and can’t take his eyes off of the man.

Finn seems to have it all. He has a gorgeous face and a gorgeous voice. He lives for his music, but is not as much into the scene that happens when he is off stage. The guys connect at their first meeting and spend the night together. Finn really wants to see Danny again, but before things can go further, there is something Danny really needs to know about Finn. Finn gives Danny a whole lot to process, but before he can absorb it all, a serial killer is on the loose taking up all of his time.

Lucky Man is the second book in the Heated Beat series. The first book in the series, My Mate Jack, offered a blazing start to the series. While the characters from the first book, Will and Jack, do appear here, it can be read as a stand alone. But it was fun to briefly check in with them again and it seems like they still have more story to tell. What is unique about this series is that this second book has a completely different feel and tone than the first book. The connection is the music, where the MC in the first book was a club DJ, Finn is a singer and guitarist.

There are several things this book focuses on. There is the relationship between Finn and Danny, there is the case Danny is working on, and there is what is behind Finn. My feeling is that to discuss Finn’s secret gives away too much. So I am going to avoid that while still trying to discuss the book, which may prove to be somewhat difficult.

This book excels at the heat and attraction that is felt between the men. The physical attraction is evident and moves quickly. The scenes with the men together, either physically or working on the issues presented, were the highlight of the book for me. Leigh weaves in a delicate subject matter and gives us a true understanding of Finn in a concise manner without an overload of information. Danny is then tracking a serial killer. My issue here is that the two areas of the book were too separate and did not complement each other well. Danny is so busy at work and we get his perspective on the case, but not as much on his feelings for Finn. There are days and weeks that go by and he is barely in touch with Finn. He is absent from Finn’s life on such a continual basis in their early days that it directly impacted the development of their relationship for me. When we reach the end and see them together, those scenes were so well written and I would have liked some more time to really see them together as a couple.

I really enjoy Leigh’s style of writing and at the end of the book it was an enjoyable read as a whole. The series is one that I am excited about and I will absolutely check out the next installment.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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