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Moment of Truth is the second book in the Moments in Time series and picks up right after the end of Moment of Impact. This book would not work without having read the previous one and this review may then contain spoilers for the first installment.

After confronting his family and coming out, Collin is relieved to be spending the summer working and living with Tanner on Fire Island. With Tanner’s friends accepting their relationship, the couple can relax and be seen in public as boyfriends, which is a whole new challenge for Collin and takes some getting used to. But Collin is happier than he ever thought he could be and is definitely in love with Tanner. When scheduling conflicts and roommates have the guys going in different directions, jealousies and doubt threaten their newfound happiness. And for Collin, who never learned how to talk about his feelings, he has to open up or risk losing Tanner for good.

Collin and Tanner completely captured my attention when they were first introduced to me in the previous book. The writing, the characters, it all just worked for me and I was looking forward to seeing where their story would take them. As we see them settling into their home for the summer, Collin has so many emotions going on, but mostly for him, Fire Island = Heaven. He is away from his family that he is estranged from and, while he misses them, he really just wants to be with Tanner.

This is Collin’s first relationship and the first time he has been in love. Stavali captures an age appropriate take as Collin spends his first summer away from home. The dialog, actions, and reactions of the characters are all realistic and the jealousies and insecurities of young love completely work for the age of the characters.

The story of Collin and Tanner is broken down into novellas and this story reads incredibly fast. The scenes with Collin and Tanner work so well and have you in the moment with them as they take their relationship further. Their connection and attraction to each other is right there to be seen. While the book is billed as them spending the summer together, there are a lot of secondary characters that take up page time. Not all of the characters were immediately relevant, their stories were not as interesting, and there was too much secondary drama given to these characters that took time away from Collin and Tanner given the length of the book. The story is also told from Collin’s POV. He is in love for the first time, insecure, and not the most observant or possibly the most reliable narrator. A glimpse into Tanner’s head would have added another dimension to the story and when jealousies flared to life; the scene that set everything in motion was never fully explained.

Catching up with Collin and Tanner was at times romantic, at times sweet, and at times full of first love angst. If you read the first installment, you will definitely want to catch up with the guys on their summer break. The third installment will pick up when they return to school and I will be sure to check back in with them.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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