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Shawn is one of those guys where if something can go wrong, it always does.  It is his very own version of Murphy’s Law (in this case Shawn’s Law) and he has seen enough crazy accidents, unusual injuries, and bizarre occurrences to convince him that he is a danger to himself and others.

Every day at 4:00, Shawn finds a way to be outside his house, just in time to see the man he has dubbed Hippy Hot Pants walk by with his dogs.  The guy is gorgeous and definitely Shawn’s type, but he doesn’t think the man would be interested. In addition to Shawn’s knack for getting into trouble, he is the full time caregiver for his mother with Alzheimer’s and so most of his time is spent looking out for her.  But when Shawn gets yet another injury as Hippy Hot Pants (aka Harley) is walking by, the two men meet and begin to get to know one another.

To Shawn’s surprise, Harley is definitely interested and the guys start building a great relationship together.  Harley has lots of patience for the craziness of Shawn’s life, and the two are building a wonderful romantic connection.  However, as Shawn falls harder for Harley, he can’t help but feel like his life is way too complicated and dangerous for the other man.

I just love Renae Kaye’s writing and Shawn’s Law is the perfect example of why.  Full of humor and heart, the story is entertaining, amusing, sweet, and super sexy.  I totally adored Shawn right from the start. The poor guys is a mess — if there is trouble to be found, he lands in it. I loved that he knows everyone in the ER, the paramedics, and all the car towing folks.  If there is a bee he will get stung, if there is trouble he will stumble upon it.  He can find a way to get injured in the most seemingly innocuous of situations.  Not to mention that he spends most of his time caring for a mother who is rapidly declining mentally.  If she isn’t running naked through the neighborhood, she is making blow up toys with condoms.  Yet through it all, Shawn never complains.  He is caring and nurturing with his mom, rarely losing patience even as he is exhausted by the constant work. He never feels sorry for himself when he is injured or runs into trouble time and again.  He is just a sweet, loving guy who truly cares about others and you can’t help but adore him.

Then we have poor Harley who has the patience of a saint.  Although he worries for Shawn’s safety, he never gets mad as time and again Shawn finds himself in trouble.  Harley is in fact kind of a hippy, and has a very open attitude on life.  So the guys are a great couple, both really likable people we can’t help but root for.

This story is in alternating POV, almost as if these guys are looking back on events of the past.  Harley, in particular, narrates as if he is recounting the story of when he and Shawn met from a point in the future. I actually really loved this technique.  First off, we can see that these guys clearly have made it through their troubles and now have a loving, long term relationship. It gives some nice perspective as we are in the midst of all the craziness.  We can also see how much Harley cares for Shawn.  Shawn is very insecure about Harley’s feelings, sure he is more trouble than he is worth. Shawn is also insecure about his looks, and getting this dual perspective makes it very clear to us as readers just how attractive Harley really finds him.

I will admit that probably my least favorite romance conflict is when one guy instigates a break up because he is sure he is no good for the other one.  This seems to be common in romance land and it makes me crazy, this unilateral decision that one partner knows what is best for both of them, without having any conversation about it.  It is not quite the Big Misunderstanding, but close.  So I found myself a little annoyed when Shawn lets his concerns that he is no good for Harley take over to the point that he initiates conflict between them.  I get that he means well, but it’s still frustrating.  Fortunately, the conflict doesn’t drag on too long and things resolve nicely between them.  I also really liked how we see that there are two sides to their problem, and both Harley and Shawn learn and grow from the conflict.

So yep, another hit for me from Renae Kaye. There are lots of great moments of humor and fun here, and the story is incredibly entertaining.  We also get two sweet guys, lots of sexy times, and a lovely romance. So a great story and I definitely recommend Shawn’s Law.

Cover: Love the cover. And yes, poor Shawn. That does actually happen in the book, lol.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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