Waiting for the FloodRating: 5 stars
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Length: Novella

Edwin Tully has been living alone for two years in the house he bought with his boyfriend.  He keeps to himself and mourns his boyfriend’s leaving.  But when a flood threatens his neighborhood, Edwin begins to make prepartions for him and his elderly neighbor.  And then he meets Adam Dacre, an engineer sent from the environmental agency to mitigate the flood as much as possible.

Adam is genuine and kind, and Edwin finds himself attracted to the tall gangly man.  But he’s so scared of getting left yet again that he turns away Adam’s advances.  When the flood seeps in, doing far less damage that it could have, Edwin has a revelation that he is, in fact, ready to move on.  As long as he can convince Adam to give him a second chance, that is.

Oh, you guys, go and get this book.  Go on.  Because I loved every word of it and it worked for me from start to finish.  This gentle, lovely story of a man who overcomes his grief, self-consciousness, and baggage to take a chance on someone new.  It’s a wonderful, beautiful story.

Edwin is hiding.  From the hurt and from the world.  His stutter has made him quiet, the self-preservation of not being laughed at the foremost thing in his mind.  He is quiet and unassuming, he restores old books and finds true pleasure in it, and he is just a gentle, sweet man who has had his heart broken terribly.  This is his story, and it’s told from his POV.  I loved getting to know him, his layers, and all the things that made him tick.  Hall is masterful at his characterization here.  Truly, Edwin makes this story what it is.  Being in his head is a treat, and watching him grow and change was wonderful.  That Hall managed to pack so much into a relatively short space is rewarding and astounding.

And Adam?  Adam is just perfect, genuine and real, and his sense of self is fantastic.  I loved the way he was portrayed, how perfect he was for Edwin, and how well they fit together.  I loved that he was attracted to Edwin from the start, but that he didn’t push or cajole.  Edwin moved at his own pace, and Adam was there, ready and waiting, when Edwin was ready.

On top of two fantastic MCs, we also got a couple of secondary characters who were charming and wonderfully drawn in their own right.  With the setting of the town and the flood, which served as both a catalyst for Edwin and Adam meeting, as well as Edwin’s change, we have a beautifully developed story that will grab your attention and keep you following along until the very last word.  The simplicity of the story lends to the complexity of the characters, and it was all around a fantastic read.

If you chose to pick this one up, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.  It’s a beautiful story of self-discovery and finding love again.

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