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When ten-year-old Lucky Mousasi finds out his parents’ house is being sold, he runs away from his aunt’s place to see his childhood home one last time. It’s there that he meets Elias Kote—the man who would show up at the oddest times in his life, the man who always made him feel special, cherished, safe. The problem is that as Lucky gets older, he realizes the one man he wants is Elias, but Elias, with his mysterious job that keeps him busy for months and years on end, is not dependable. After one amazing night together, after Lucky wakes up alone, he finally decides to move on. But as always, Elias shows back up. And this time he says he’s ready to give Lucky what he wants—commitment—but Lucky lost his ability to trust in Elias Kote. He’s gonna have to prove it.

Ten years later, Elias and Lucky are getting ready to celebrate their tenth anniversary with their daughter by their side. Elias, as much as he wants to walk away from the life of being a killer for hire, is stuck. Putting on the face of a family man—the man he wants to be for Lucky—gets harder and harder every day. Then the unthinkable happens. When Elias is sent out on a job by his ex-boyfriend and current boss, he doesn’t expect his husband and daughter to be attacked in their own home while he is on the other side of the country. Worst are the secrets the thugs reveal to Lucky—Elias’s secrets.

Waking up in the hospital with Elias guarding him would have been comforting, but after finding out who his husband is and what he’s done, Lucky is the furthest thing from comforted. In fact, he’s done. So much so that he asks the FBI to move him into a safe house until the danger to him and his daughter is gone.

The only way to get his family back is to eliminate the threat against them. Elias knows he has some explaining to do, but with danger haunting them, he focuses on one thing at a time. Then and only then will he reveal all to Lucky and pray the only man he’s ever loved hasn’t lost faith in him for good.

What do you get when you mix a stubborn tattoo artist with a secret keeping hitman and add in passion and a child? Explosive awesomeness. That’s what you get. If you’ve been following along, (Watch Me) Unmask You is book three in Ashton’s Run This Town series. And ladies and gentlemen, it’s quite possibly my favorite. As you well know, I love everything about this series. And I’ll be honest: when I heard Elias’s book was the next up, I wasn’t overly excited about it, because we only caught a brief glimpse of him in the previous book. I wanted Tek’s story. But what I got was so much better than what I thought I needed. This book is bad boy sexy magic. This book thrilled me from the beginning, because it’s one of those that you can see the train wreck coming, but there’s no possibility of looking away.

Meet Elias Kote: Killer for Hire by day, loving husband and amazing father by night. Elias wears two faces and in the beginning of this book, he’s totally okay with that. He knows who he is even if he hates how he got there and hates the people he works for. But as his story progresses and his life with Lucky becomes more, his inner conflict is painful—for him and for me as a reader. I love the contrast in his character—the man he is and the man he wants to be. Lucky is the heart of this book and the one person who is able to ground Elias. I was worried that his character would have a TSTL vibe because, truthfully, how does one not know or at least suspect their loved one is something sinister, but rest assured, this author made it believable. Which, of course, makes it that much more difficult to bear when Lucky finds out the truth. But, God, the explosiveness of Lucky’s personality. His strength and character… he’s amazing. I’m head over heels for the guy. The way he stands up for himself and what he wants, it’s heartbreaking but so right. And in the end they are both so much better for it.

This story is powerful from the very beginning. There are scenes that absolutely blew me away. I don’t want to give anything away, but the video call scene is ingenious. I was left breathless and in tears more than once. As is form with this author, this book is one hit after another. It’s action packed and thrilling. It’s also sexy as hell and beautiful. It’s perfect. I’ll also say I loved seeing Dima and Is and Reg. Is and Reg have a surprising role in this book and it is shocking. I won’t lie. Didn’t see it coming. Plus Tek and his turn in this story… you’re just gonna have to read it to believe it.

Avril Ashton hit it out of the park with this one. And for those of you that are keeping score, that’s three for three. That’s not even counting the Brooklyn Sinners series and her standalones, as well as other series. This is by far my favorite book of the series (probably until I read both the others, but still) and I am dying for the next. And a little excitement to sweeten the already wonderful story, the last several pages are the first two chapters of Tek and Quinn’s book, and oh my god. Just sayin’. I highly, highly recommend (Watch Me) Unmask You. And if you haven’t read the other two books, you should totally get on that as well. Perfection.

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