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Casey Eller does not walk the straight and narrow. Hell, he’s not really sure where the straight and narrow are anymore. To Casey’s surprise, when he gets pulled over by Sheriff Finn Kirkland, jail is not where he ends up. The basement, chained to a pipe is more like it. Seems like Kirkland is ready to teach Casey a lesson that Casey didn’t know he was ready for. The deal is in order for Casey to walk, he has to plant some pictures on the town’s most powerful proprietor. Then Casey gets hurt.

throwback thursdayWith Casey hurt, Finn realizes his mistake in using him that way, and takes care of him. What he didn’t expect were the feelings he’d have for Casey. Even more so, he never thought Casey would be such a natural submissive. But the small town they live in can’t handle what Finn wants from Casey and no matter the growth he sees in the young man, Finn has to let him go.

But when Casey takes it upon himself to face down his and Finn’s demons, lines have to be crossed and secrets have to be hidden. When all is said and done, Finn and Casey find what they are truly made of and what life holds for them when they believe in one another.

I read this book when it first came out and I loved it as much back then as I do today. I was so excited to have the chance to pick it back up so that I could tell you guys about it. I know I’ve told you about Jamie Craig (author collaboration of Vivien Dean and Pepper Espinoza) before, because they were my intro into the m/m world. I’m kind of partial, I know. But this book is so good. The D/s so good in this book, a Master/slave sort of relationship. It was my first real taste of the genre outside of a paranormal setting and I devoured it. Sweet and firm. Dark and sexy. Hot and perfect. I love this story.

I adore Casey and Finn. In the beginning Casey is this major screw up who is kind of floating through life, just wandering around, not really living until Finn pushes him to do his bidding. What Finn makes him do. It’s awful. This guy. He’s an asshole. Finn’s not him. I think Finn is afraid of becoming him and it hurts. The growth of both Casey and Finn in this story is so powerful through their relationship that you can actually see that without one another they would literally be in limbo for the rest of their lives. Like they were meant for that time and place even though they’d known each other their entire lives and had no idea these events would take place. It’s kismet. Perfection.

I love this story. The emotion. The intensity. The passion. I can’t explain to you the rollercoaster from scene one. The traffic stop. Damn. Just… wow. Finn is so dominant and toppy and Casey is so raw. The chemistry between them is hot. It makes for a wonderful undercurrent. The backstory, Finn’s past, it’s surprising and tough. I found it exciting and intense. I’m captivated by it each time I read. And I’ve read it a lot.

Seriously, I love this book. Casey and Finn are two of my all time favorite characters ever. Some books you forget after a while, this one I never do. It’s emotional, sexy, and kinky. All of the things I love. I highly recommend Word on a Wing by Jamie Craig.

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