small favorite booksHello everyone! We are back today with another installment one of my favorite features here at Joyfully Jay… Favorite Book Lists!  Periodically I am inspired by something I have read or that we have reviewed here and we do a list of our favorite books with that theme.

This time our favorites list is featuring Road Trip Stories!  I recently read Trust the Focus by Megan Erickson and totally adored it. And then Michelle and Kris followed that up with reviews of other road trip books, and suddenly we had a trend!  I love this trope because such delicious tension can come out of the forced confinement of a road trip.  It puts the characters in an enclosed space for lots of time without much to do.  People can grow close super quickly in that environment — or end up driving each other crazy.  Both perfect for a good romance set up!  This isn’t a super long list, but they are all books we really loved and this is definitely a trope that we all seem to enjoy.  I hope you guys do as well!

If you have any additional favorites, feel free to add them in the comments! We’d love to hear your suggestions.

There is also a list on Goodreads of Best Road Trip Gay Romance stories. As with most of those lists, it is hit or miss on how well the books fit the theme. For our list, I was specifically looking for books that didn’t just have a travel element, but where the idea of the road trip plays a big part of the story and impacts the relationship between the characters.  But if you like this theme, check that list out as well and see if anything grabs you.


[Last Updated: 8/24/15]

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