A Way HomeRating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel

After getting the news that his younger brother, Nathan, has cancer, Isaac has raced back to Zebulon to be by his side.  He and his brother Aaron hope that they may be a match for Nathan for a bone marrow transplant and will do anything to help their brother. But being back in their small community is not easy. Although Isaac is not officially banished, he deeply upset his family when he fled home for San Francisco. His parents can’t even begin to understand why he needed to leave, especially since he can’t tell him the truth about his relationship with David. His family, the religious leaders, and many members of the community are doing all they can to convince Isaac to come back into the fold.

When David arrives in Zebulon as well, it is a deep comfort to Isaac. He and David work through their issues with the kiss with Clark and the misunderstandings about David’s behavior. David also finally opens up to Isaac about the drinking and his fears and anxieties that were causing so much trouble for him in San Francisco. But while things are going well between them, it is hard keeping up appearances that they are just friends. Both David and Isaac’s families are doing everything they can to convince the men to return home. Nathan is desperately sick and they can only hope that Isaac or Aaron will be a match. Both men are caught between wanting to care for their families and reconnect, and the knowledge that they will never again belong in Zebulon. David and Isaac are finally finding their way together, but they must now decide if they can separate from their old home for good and move on to a new life together.

A Way Home is the final book in Keira Andrew’s fabulous Gay Amish trilogy and it is a wonderful end to an amazing series. This story gave me everything I was looking for in a final book. We get a swift resolution to David and Isaac’s prior issues and see the men able to lean on each other for support. They are so clearly deeply in love and I was happy to see that the conflicts between them were not dragged out too far into this story. Instead, we see that the men are able to be a true source of support for one another and the love between them is so strong and clear.

We also get closure for both of these guys. Although they made their break from Zebulon back in the first book, they were still both so haunted, David in particular. They left without talking to anyone, running away and leaving their families behind. Although they had no real choice in the matter, we know how important their families are to them and both men needed this time to reconnect and really say their goodbyes. David finally can put aside some of his demons, seeing that his family is loved and cared for. And both men are able to really reflect on what they want and what directions their lives should take. It all comes together so nicely and really gives us a lovely ending for these guys. We see them able to put aside their pasts and really move on to their future together and I love how things end up for them.

My only real issue here is that at times things dragged somewhat for me and began to feel repetitive. Pretty much everyone these guys encounter in Zebulon tries to convince them to return, from family, to friends, to the religious leaders. They have the same conversations with these people over and over and after a while it just become a little too much for me. Nathan’s health is this big crisis, but for most of the book not much happens as we focus on these guys dealing with explaining why they left and why they can’t come back. Things begin to move more quickly in the second half of the book and I found some great moments. I just feel like things could have been in a little tighter in the first half.

As I said, A Way Home is a wonderful ending to this fabulous series. The first book, A Forbidden Rumspringa, really took the m/m romance world by storm and I think launched Andrews into a whole new level of “must read” author.  She has done a wonderful job with this series and it all comes together in a really lovely way. I have fallen in love with Issac and David and highly recommend this series.

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