Blind LoveRating: 2 stars
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Length: Short Story

Nate has just relocated and meets his sister’s friend, Owen, at a bar one night. Nate is shy, hesitant, and blind. Owen is known as a bit of a player, but it’s just because he hasn’t found anyone to hold his interest. Nate immediately captures Owen’s attention and the two begin a sexual relationship that leads to friendship and the start of a life that neither of them ever saw coming.

Okay. I will make this brief. This short story did not work at all for me. Before I was finished with chapter one, the word that came to mind was ridiculous. To start, we have a group of friends, which includes Nate’s sister Penny, out for drinks. It is stated that Penny and Owen have been close friends for years, yet Penny never, ever mentioned that she had a brother, let alone one that owns a guide dog that would startle Owen from under the table. In the first few pages Penny tells Owen everything about Nate, including his lack of experience with men. When Nate overhears them, he becomes angry, but not angry enough as he then informs Owen of his complete financial status and even what his former neighbor thought of him.

The guys then agree to become roommates only hours after meeting and of course Owen never once makes it into the guest room. Penny is all up in their business and the author attempts to showcase so many of life’s milestones in the course of one short story. The dialog alternated between me wanting to roll my eyes or laugh out loud at the absurdity. There is a way to make their relationship seem tentative and the characters hesitant without having the reader want to just all out cringe.

This one, nope, didn’t work for me.

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