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Today we are so pleased to welcome a new reviewer to Joyfully Jay! Please help us welcome Wendy to the blog!

Tanner doesn’t want his best friend Camden to sit home alone on his birthday after spending the last year trying to get over a bad relationship. He announces to Camden that he is taking him away for his birthday to an all-inclusive resort on an exclusive island and bringing two of his other friends, Gunner and Steven, for the weekend for an adult version of “Capture the Flag.” It isn’t until they are nearly at the island when Tanner discloses to the group that the tickets were complimentary…and that he doesn’t really know who sent them.

Despite their misgivings, the group decides to check it out anyhow. Camden is instantly attracted to ex-military Gunner, and hopes that he will be able to spend some time with him over the weekend, except Stephen keeps butting himself between them. As the games get going, Camden and Gunner realize it isn’t just Stephen that they have to run from out in the woods as Gunner’s past begins to catch up to him.

I really enjoyed this story, but readers have to be willing to suspend some disbelief right from the start with this one. It’s like watching a horror movie and the girl just has to open the door to the basement – we all know she’s going to do it, though we yell at her to not do it. Well…they did it. Who, in their right mind, takes complimentary tickets from a business they know nothing about, which requires them to engage in an erotic version of “Capture the Flag,” where the flag isn’t really a flag at all, on a deserted island? Okay, though, once you get through that, it’s good, very good.

The rules – you must wear your flag, you must submit to your captor if you are captured, and if you capture someone you may “perform” if you wish. Participants are armed with a backpack containing a map, condoms, lube, handcuffs, nylon rope, and butt plugs. This is a recipe for super-hot sex scenes…did I mention handcuffs, rope, and horny men running through the woods after each other intent on stripping their prey naked in order to capture their flag? While this story focused mainly on Cam being chased by Gunner, the idea there were 16 other men running around those woods at the same time searching for flags really played into the fun of such an adventure. I can definitely see the potential for some future stories being told.

Add in suspense, because not everyone running around those woods is intent on finding a submissive captive. While initially the thought that there were other people out there in the woods was intriguing, the unveiling was anticlimactic for me. I expected something more dramatic.

If you are looking for a book heavy on romance, this is not the book for you. The romance in this book is limited. This book starts on Friday and ends on Sunday, not a whole lot of time to delve into any relationship issues. What the book does have is some steaming hot, well written sex scenes between two men who set off sparks when they’re together.

Overall, this is a fun and quick read! You’ll never think of “Capture the Flag” the same again.

Wendy shares her home with her husband, a dog, and 6 cats. Tired of fighting over control of the remote, Wendy took up reading as a hobby. That hobby turned into an obcession thanks to a little device called the ereader. She spends her days surrounded by real life, hot alpha-male heroes in her job as a public safety dispatcher. At night, she is usually found curled up in her favorite chair with her nose in her Kindle with her fantasy male heroes.

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