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Jeremy has been best friends with Owen Finn since their teens. Jeremy is bisexual and has always been attracted to his straight friend. Owen’s family was there for Jeremy when his parents kicked him out, his friendship with Owen is what is most important, and he has no intention of ever messing with that. The guys know most everything about each other, but their sex life, and Owen’s role at the local BDSM club, are not discussed between them. They are both aware, however, of their healthy sexual appetites and their volume of sexual partners as relationships are not on the radar for either of them. For Owen’s 35th birthday he wants a night to hang out with Jeremy–more of a private party. Recent events have Owen thinking and it’s Jeremy he can’t stop thinking about as he admits that he most certainly is curious.

Damn! I had to get that out of my system, because damn! Well, you are probably looking for a little bit more than that so let’s break this down. We have Jeremy. His parents kicked him out when he was a teen and although he lived with his aunt, the Finns are his family. He’s now a successful comic book artist, owns his own home, and is never at a loss for a sexual partner of either gender. Then we have Owen. He’s also successful as the owner of a construction company, has a large, supportive family, and has plenty of women to choose from. But, that’s not really what this story is about. Owen is curious…about Jeremy. Some eye opening incidents put Jeremy on his radar in a whole new light and it’s time he does something about it. So begins their one night, which turns into more nights, of them exploring each other. There are power shifts and struggles as everything they believed about themselves spins completely around. The guys know each other so well, and it’s those little things they know about each other that add to the story as the trust is already there to take things where neither one of them has gone before. Hot–to say their time together was just hot (oh and let’s not forget dirty) would really not even begin to define it. It’s so much more than just hot (which ties back to the aforementioned damn).

At first the story is primarily about the physical and less about the emotional. The guys are so comfortable with each other and their relationship includes them talking about previous partners at times while they are together. The story is Jeremy’s point of view and his inner thoughts really helped to then push the emotional level of the story. For Owen, this is the first man he has been with and it’s his best friend. There is no hesitation on his part as he goes all in with Jeremy. While they do talk to each other some, I could have used a little more of what was going on in Owen’s head. Also, Owen is part of the BDSM world, but his experiences are not fully described and this area was a bit hazy. As some of these elements were brought into his relationship with Jeremy, a clearer explanation of Owen’s background would have added to the story. There is also some family drama and well-placed secondary characters to round out the rest of their story. If you subscribe to the thought of a guilty pleasure, this book would most certainly fit into that category, but really, there is nothing to feel guilty about here.

Curious is the first book in a new series and the future books appear to have a mix of male and female characters. There is Jeremy’s female best friend who comes with a side of kink, Owen’s sister who may want to visit the BDSM club for the first time with possibly more than one man, and Owen has twin brothers, and…well…damn!

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