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Length: Novel

Killian is a CEO of a company, returning home after a business trip. While at the airport, a gorgeous young man catches his eye. Zachary is on his first business trip overseas to audit a high profile corporation. Terrified of flying, he indulges in some alcohol in the hopes of falling asleep for the trip. When the plane hits turbulence, Killian attempts to calm him down the best way he knows how. When they land, they agree to spend just one night together before they part ways. After a night in heaven, Killian and Zachary meet once again as Zachary is conducting the audit on Killian’s company. When Zachary discovers someone has been siphoning money out of the company, he puts his job at risk by continuing his relationship with Killian as a criminal investigation may be pending.

This was a wonderful love-at-first-sight book. Two souls crossing paths in an airport, making that connection that neither wants to break. When the connection is broken, they both seek to find the other even if it is just for another night. Despite their age differences, there is some major chemistry going on between these two and the sex scenes will have you looking for a fan.

The characters in this book are well developed. Like all good fairy tales, this one comes complete with a villain, Killian’s ex-boyfriend, Max, who cheated on him and crushed his dreams of marriage and a family. Max wants Killian back. Though Killian isn’t interested, he and Max remain entwined as they are co-workers and still own an apartment together. And, like all good fairy tales, there is the fairy godmother who manages to save the day…or in this case Killian’s mom who steals the show.

My only complaints about this book are first Zachary’s thoughts about how long he has waited for someone like Killian…uh, he’s 21 years old. It really struck me how immature he was. Had it been Killian thinking something along these lines, I would have not had a second thought. The second complaint is how Killian came across as an incompetent CEO if he couldn’t figure out the American auditor sent to go over his company’s financial records was Zachary, considering he is American and was walking around his building carrying his company’s folders.

Despite these little irritating problems I had with the book, I really thought it was an overall good read. It has romance, sex, and a bit of suspense going on with it. I look forward to reading more of this series!

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