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All of Levi’s professional dreams are about to come true. After a successful fundraiser, his party planning business is now in demand. His love life is not having as much success, however. With the demands of work and dealing with his mother’s health issues, even a one night stand hasn’t been on offer for some time. When Levi meets paramedic Jake when he arrives on a call at his mother’s home, Levi’s world narrows its focus the moment he sees Jake. With a little interference from his mother, Levi finds himself on a date at the movies with the handsome man. However, when professional and personal worlds collide, Levi finds that the man of his dreams already has a long-term boyfriend. Struggling to maintain a friendship with Jake, both personally and professionally, becomes increasingly difficult as the attraction between the men is something that just won’t go away.

What happens when you finally meet the man of your dreams and he is taken? On the other side, what happens when you are in a relationship and meet the man that shows you all of the things you never knew you were missing? These are the questions raised in Love Me Tomorrow. First we have Levi. He’s easy to relate to, has worked hard, and his company is taking off. He has just not found the one. He grew up in Las Vegas with his mother, Ruby, who was a well known show girl. Ruby is quite the character and the story of Levi’s father and how he got his name…well… she tells it best. When Levi sees Jake he is just struck by the sight of the man and it’s well written and well conveyed. So as you have read, Jake has a boyfriend that he has been with for years. While there is no physical cheating, this story would live in the realm of emotional cheating, and certainly runs a very fine line at times. So if that would be an issue for you, better to know up front.

The story is primarily told from Levi’s point of view and the guy has it so bad for Jake. When Jake suggests they have a go at friendship, Levi feels he has no choice but to reluctantly decline, but professional obligations have him constantly running into Jake as he plans a party for Jake’s sister and their politically connected family. The emotional intensity continues to ramp up as Levi has to walk away from Jake again and again. Now Jake is a different story. We are offered only limited access to his point of view. We know he is attracted to Levi and we know that his relationship clearly has problems. At times, he came across as a conflicted man having a crisis, at other times, while he’s not a player, he certainly had his moments of leading Levi on. It was a tough area, because life doesn’t always play out as a scripted romance novel and it reads as a real life scenario. But when Jake comes to decisions about his life, not being able to see it build from his view and then just being told lessened the impact of the journey overall as it made him more difficult to get to know, and it was not just Levi’s story it was Jake’s story as well.

It was a really slow burn between these guys and for the large majority of the book they are trying to be friends. When there is a shift in their relationship, the scenes faded out or were blurred at the edges. After waiting the entire book for this, more dedicated time was needed to see them come together and then be together. But, the banter and interactions between these guys were awesome. Given the situation, sure, some of it could border on being inappropriate; I was okay with it, because damn, some of it was just so entertaining. It may be worth a read simply to see Jake sample cake for the upcoming party.

The story takes place in Wilde City, which read as a fictitious town in the U.S. The town was a secondary character in itself. There was a lot of detail offered regarding the history of the town, the housing, the neighborhoods, the climate, and the business developments. There was so much spoken of the town and so much detail offered, the one thing really missing for me was exactly where in the U.S. they were supposed to be. The other secondary characters (with the exception of one who just became grating by the end of the book) were all well placed and they all helped to advance the story, which was refreshing to see overall. At the end, Love Me Tomorrow was an entertaining read with a slightly different perspective of what happens when you finally meet the one.

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