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Micah Gellar has worked hard to build his company and now he has a good reputation, his first book is due to be published, and he has a decent income. And every night he comes home to an empty apartment. A failed relationship left him emotionally wounded and unwilling to risk his heart again, even though he wants to experience love. Drunk and lonely, he calls the number of a fantasy escort service and arranges a night of absolute romance. Even once the alcohol wears off, Micah decides that the memory of a perfect night is better than no night at all.

Angel has been in the business of making fantasies come true for some time, but Micah’s request poses a challenge. How to do you make a man feel loved for a single night? Angel manages to fulfill at least part of Micah’s request and circumstances bring them together again. Angel is a professional, and while he doesn’t mind taking Micah on as a client, he is unwilling to invest himself emotionally. But a near tragedy breaks down his professional walls and Angel learns that sometimes friendship is offered without the expectation of payment.

As their relationship evolves, first to friendship and then to something more, Micah is confronted by the harsh and occasionally dangerous realities of Angel’s job. As he scrambles to keep them safe, he and Angel must decide if what they have is real or just the stuff of fantasy.

I really enjoyed Love Starved. This book was just a good old-fashioned romance and a fun read to boot. Micah and Angel are wonderful characters and it was easy to connect with them right from the start. I especially adored Micah. He’s a workaholic with no time for love, but he has a desperate hunger for it all the same. He’s hiding from life until he meets Angel and finally finds the courage to start living again. Even when Angel rebuffs him, it would be easy for Micah to crawl back into loneliness, but he stays strong and I loved him for it. Once he’s out of the shadows, he’s determined to stay out. Angel is just as engaging, though in a very different way from Micah. He’s smart, independent, and quick to give Micah all the needs, without taking for himself. Angel is just as strong as Micah, but he has so long played a part that he doesn’t always see the possibilities that the real world offers. Each man balances the other and they work together on a lot of levels and, as a result, the romance between Angel and Micah never feels forced or awkward.

The secondary characters here work as well and they have enough depth to fit well within the wider context of the story. The pacing of the book is strong and allows the action and the romance to progress naturally, without rushing or dragging out anything unnecessarily.

The only real detriment here is the plot. And by that I only mean there is very little new ground trod in Love Starved. The storyline is fairly predictable and the larger conflict is resolved with relative ease. But the characters are so likable that this never felt like a massive distraction. This book was less about being groundbreaking and more about sharing the comfortable warmth of a good romance.

Love Starved was a genuinely enjoyable read. The characters were well defined and truly engaging. Despite a slightly bland plot, the relationship between Micah and Angel is well worth your time. I strongly recommend Love Starved to anyone who enjoys a good romance with delightful characters.

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