More Than Make-BelieveRating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Novel

Even though Travis pays for most of his expenses, his father has just cut off his rent money. Already working two jobs and attending college full time, Travis will never be able to make ends meet. When he sees a newspaper ad for models, gay for pay porn may just be what straight Travis needs to earn a lot of money fast. When he is paired up with well known porn star Marston Cougar, Marston tells him to enjoy the weekend as it’s all just make believe anyway.

Gary, also known as Marston Cougar, has a respectable day job, but has been in the porn industry for years. He wants to get out, but his niece needs surgery. With almost enough money and only two more shoots to film, he will be done with the business. After getting his heart broken by a former costar, Gary refuses to date both off and on the set. But, that seems to be changing as one look at Travis has Gary falling hard. Can they find a way to walk out of the fantasy into a real happily ever after?

throwback thursdayThis book is pure fantasy and just like the characters say over and over and over again, it’s make believe. But that doesn’t mean it’s not entertaining make believe. The fantasy opens with Travis, who has never thought about being with a man, meeting with a porn producer in his car. The man asks to see his “pop shot,” just like that Travis complies, and off to a weekend to film porn he goes.

When Travis meets Marston there is an instant connection and Travis gets right into his first scene. I am not going to even debate the believability of it, it sold the fantasy of porn. We know that a former costar broke Marston’s heart, although we never get the full story, and there is some, but not a lot of character development. What we do get is the two men selling the story in their bubble of porn. Both men are easy to like, we get both points of view, their story is light, and their porn scenes are definitely easy to read.

Why couldn’t Gary have helped pay for medical insurance instead of paying the total bill for his niece’s surgery? And why did Gary think that a tattoo drawn on with marker would protect his identity? These are questions I was just not given the answers to. And, I would have liked to have seen some more of the guys off set as I was invested and they had more story to tell, but this is not supposed to be that type of book. It’s a leave-your-cares-at-page-one escape from reality with two men trying to find their way after the final cut is called.

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